The three-point shot of the whole team

Well, yes, in fact, the current way of playing is against the trend. It’s mainly used for the ER, foreigners, and it’s quite frequent. In addition, it’s also used for the ER, boxing champion Tyson Chandler for a long time.

The focus is on these two people, who think they are the core of those who go in defense. So the same thing is that they attach great importance to their use in 48 minutes. Today, McKee played for 30 minutes and Chandler played for more than 10 minutes. So these two add up to 478 minutes.

Generally speaking, McGrady and Chandler’s playing time is evenly divided. Although McGrady is a big guy, he also acts as a little brother. If we use the point of G, McGrady Chandler won’t throw three points. In fact, the Rockets. In fact, Hart is the only shooter left in the three-point shot of the whole team. This is actually quite unscientific, so I think it is imperative for the Lakers to trade Ariza. Let’s not talk about Ariza’s three-point shot.

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The Pacers team will play in the playoffs

And the score, intuitively reflected, the quality of defense is quite excellent, ah, the ability is also quite excellent, ah, played 99-96 score has never been, white ah, two days ago I was watching the league, now the average score is less than 100 how many teams are also countable, well, we know, we have always been praise, that is the playoffs finals level The quality of defense of the Pacers team.

The Pacers team will play in the playoffs. If you meet the Pacers on hand, it’s bad luck. No matter which round you meet the Pacers, it’s very, very difficult for you to win. It’s also very difficult and wonderful.

You have to peel off the skin, just like last year’s Cavaliers. You have friends two days ago. Give us feedback and face slapping. So you said that the Lakers are very good. The Lakers are losing two games in a row and so on. Indeed, these teams of the Lakers are relatively young. We have said that since the beginning of the season. We believe and are sure that James will never.

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It’s very important for me to have MVP

Right, if, um, Kobe doesn’t have those two champions, ah, basically, he doesn’t have any right to speak, and you will also be included in the ranks of contemporary stars, contemporary superstars, what is contemporary. It’s out of date. You’ll fade out of people’s world sooner or later. You can’t evaluate it from the perspective of history.

Of course, some friends said that I have to win the championship in curry, and I don’t have Durant. It’s very important for me to have MVP, you don’t have a grand slam, and you don’t have SVP. Stock, it’s a consideration. The Grand Slam is the only standard to evaluate a historical super drama.

You need to refer to the meeting standard, Michael Jordan, Grand Slam, what is the Grand Slam, MVP champion, MVP most valuable player in the finals. History can’t be short of, um, if you, um, the three jewels on the crown, right? The three jewels on the crown, you need any less. Do you think you’re wearing a beautiful crown? Those small jewels and small broken diamonds are optional. Of course.

Hart is in the position of the Lakers now

Two goals should be selected by you. It’s OK for you to send Hart out. I think, ah, Hart is in the position of the Lakers now.

In fact, we can see from yesterday’s game that Hart’s position is not so important to the position of the Lakers now. The starting position is basically determined by the center. If the center doesn’t move, there must be James. Do you have Ingram and Kuyt in the back?

In addition, Bohr, this is his main starting lineup, so the substitute is Rondo Stevenson with an inside line. Take Hart and pop to play again. It’s such a lineup. Sometimes Rondo changes in the No. 1 position. Right, James, there’s also Rondo sometimes. Er, this time of interleaving. When is hart mainly used. In fact, the Lakers have no right to attack with the young team, because Hart is not the core player of the team.

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It is a correct choice for Cavaliers to go

Compared with the existence of the four giants and five giants, there is no data for the time to play, so what is needed is not right. You want to be famous or not. You want to be famous or not. Clothes are in the top four. I think it is a correct choice for Cavaliers to go. In fact, this is the problem of next year’s lef.

Do you need to solve it? Look at this man. No one, ah, this can become a big tool, Adidas black silk, and so on. Lof. Tomorrow, you will roll out. Next year, you will also roll. Basically, it is. Ah, disarmament is the way to start working. Next year, the ER top signing king also signs the process of starting to work.

There are also young players, or if you have a family photo, you can sell the toasted player. If you don’t take them out and play, you always have clothes around Brandt Curie. Well, it is actually a gentle soil. It can be given to you.

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It occupies the bottom corner of both sides

Yeah, Kobe, T-Mac, it’s like Iverson or something in that era. In that era, the position of small forward and three back is basically a comparison. It occupies the bottom corner of both sides. Ha, it’s a fixed-point projection on the left or right. It’s commonly known as 3D player, right? Well, Thomson is not such a player.

He has to play three back, but he’s not. In the sports war, sports look for opportunities, pull and involve, open up the opponent’s defense line, tear up the opponent’s defense line, which is to disturb you so that you don’t know which position he runs to. Once you lose the position of defense and miss the player, James’s shirt will shoot right when he gets three points. Ah, it makes you pay a heavy price, ah, so you have to run with ah, you have to run.

Once you run, you may run wrong, right? James is very keen in this position. Right, it can be convex, pass and pass. Right or wrong, you have to make a sudden pass. If you are a face-to-face defensive player, you also have a very good choice. It’s difficult, so I think Thomson is quite cooperative with James, right? He can indirectly create another lethal weapon for James, right? Er, passing, assists, three-point assists, er, the lethality is very huge.

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It depends on the part-time work of Durant fans

Yes, it’s a little bit different from that. It’s hard to say if we can turn around. It’s really hard to say. It depends on the part-time work of Durant fans. Er, I’ll go. I think, in terms of ability, Durant should be second to none in the league.

There is no dispute about the human throne in terms of ability, technology, ruling power, right? It must be higher than Paul George. This is absolute. However, there is such abnormal phenomenon in the voting. Judging from the factory transfer.

This is an abnormal number of voting fans. The number of Paul George’s fans is far lower than that of Durant’s fans. So, the two men’s Qihoo is quite different. Paul George is slightly ahead. It doesn’t mean that 10% of the votes are ahead. I heard that there are a lot of them, so we said that I personally think that we should go to find out the votes of the fans and the coaches, which account for 50% of the votes. Er, this 50% is decisive.

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You can compare the historical data between cousins and enamel

Peter, it’s really indisputable to be the No.1 center in the league. Why do I say this season, right? You have to stress that after this season, well, we’re not comparing historical achievements, we’re not comparing historical data, even if we’re comparing historical data.

It’s not a problem, isn’t it? We’re right. You can compare the historical data between cousins and enamel, and now compare them with enbid. No problem, no problem, right? Besides, now cousins has no shot right, no score and no data in the warriors. Right? What do you take to fight for the first center in the league? Do you rely on the number of fans? Er, it’s not the best chance in the world, right?

As an interior center, kaohsins, the shooting rate is not high, it can be said to be medium. All of them. It’s too much to say. The shooting rate is not high. But as such a player, I’ve seen that, changju, 25 plus. I remember that if there’s no problem, these three players seem to have seen that 3025 in Tibetan area are representatives of excellent players. Those excellent representatives, but we compare with each other.

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Then you Lakers fans James fans are happy

You have to go on for two years in a row, not two consecutive years. However, in the second year, you can start the first game. You should fight against the power masters symmetrically. There are so many big guys, maweize, a boss.

Right, Walda is not bad, right. Lori is also a, old, well, well, there seems to be no one in the attic. My sister, I think, I can play a dozen, but I forget that Owen and four-year all stars. Well, I didn’t have the impression after two years of starting. Anyway, it means almost that? I’ll go and see.

Welcome to face. I hope I’m wrong. I hope it’s wrong. So, this one, er Owen. And, Anthony Davis is not OK. You are in the same team. Then you Lakers fans James fans are happy. Well, we can’t go. We think about this kind of thing. We can’t afford anything when driving. There is nothing to give to anyone and half the team is empty.

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It’s a little hard to understand

So, the team, promotion is not a little bit two, is to improve a take on directly into the super first-class team, so Celtic is the algorithm, so based on the above few points do not know whether you have heard of understand ah a bit of information a bit.

It’s a little hard to understand, ah, this is trying to understand, we just try to understand, so Celtics can’t do any deal with Anthony Davis now, even if it’s going to be the first to make a deal with Owen, if Owen’s contract goes bankrupt, then the Celtic team will be able to settle. Yes, the contract will go bankrupt, so it’s almost worried about this now. It’s simple. If the Celtics can’t make a good chip or attractive chip, it won’t force the Lakers to make a good chip.

The problem is in this, so I think it’s the main thing. This kind of guidance also has the main push hand. The push is still in the Lakers. On the other hand, what kind of chips the Lakers are willing to give now is really true. It can be sent out in a short time. So I think the Lakers, Magic Johnson, should be very good at the gas. Really, I should give some sincerity right now.

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