Thick eyebrow elder brother, manifests is it is an outstanding single room player

Defensive player, but I think that in the finals or this year’s playoffs, what nongmeige showed is that he is not only an excellent single room player, but also a very efficient directional player of the system, especially in the last few games, especially for Jimi Butler’s single room, especially after three games, we asked you two about this.

What else needs to be adjusted? In fact, one of the points that Eminem said at that time was the defense problem of the Lakers for Jimi Butler. In fact, Walker also heard our program, right? Immediately after our program, he adjusted the defense of Butler, which made a-di take more responsibility for helping. I think this is also a series This one in the competition.

The trend has turned to a very important point. It’s very creative to use a tall inside line to defend the other side’s flanking knife. In fact, before this NBA, there were many unicorns, the bozingis was a unicorn, and the alphabet song might be a unicorn, but few people mentioned Anthony Davis.

At that time, it will pass. This time, the playoffs and the finals let me feel that Anthony Davis is really a unicorn, and his performance in the defensive end is something I have never seen in history. No player can lead the other side’s guard and flank in the outside like him.

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Bring the team into overtime, in fact, the championship trophy may not be won

The championship trophy is also faced with a very big challenge from the thunder. In the following 13 years, it can be said that he won such a championship trophy that he should have lost. Facing the Spurs, he was 5 points behind with eight seconds left in the sixth game. If it wasn’t for Ray Allen’s three victories today.

In fact, the championship trophy may not be won if the team is brought into extra time. In the second year after returning to Cavaliers in 2016, he led Cavaliers to finish in the situation of being 1-3 behind, which can be said to be the biggest reversal in the history of the finals in the seventh game.

No.13: the strongest warriors in history won the championship trophy at home. In fact, that trophy is one of the few in history in terms of weight and difficulty. This year, although many fans will say that the Lakers did not encounter any real challenge in the whole playoff journey, we think it is traditional.

It’s good to meet a strong team, the clippers or the reindeer, but it has to be said that the Lakers have played in every round. It can be said that they have normal or beyond the level of performance, especially the heat, not to mention the challenges in and out of the field in this bubble environment

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