You can be the best team in the East without thinking about chemistry

We can become the top team in the East without considering the chemical reaction, and our biggest worry about the nets is the health problems of Owen and Durant, and they are relatively brittle, but harden’s beard is famous for his endurance, especially in the regular season.

It’s terrible to think about it, but the only thing I think we’re worried about is that we’re worried about harden. It’s some of his off-site hobbies, right? We know that New York is full of wine and wine.

The world’s nightlife is very rich. Does it mean that Hadden’s temptations outside the stadium will affect his performance on the court? I feel that you are old-fashioned. In recent years, harden’s off-site news is actively training.

I don’t think he was the prodigal son of that year. When we recorded this program, there was still no final conclusion on the Hadden deal. Then I want to ask you two, do you think that Hadden will stay in the Rockets’ lineup for one month before the start of next season.

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At that time, I thought it was really suitable for the Lakers

At that time, I thought this was really suitable for the Lakers, but I think it’s like Schroeder’s performance in the playoffs is worthy of everyone’s trust. I think it’s a bit of a question mark now. First of all, Rondo may not renew his contract with the Lakers this season, like his price in the market.

Although it is very, very high has been coaxed to such a high level that it suddenly has to give up chasing. So if you want to use Schroeder to replace Rondo’s performance in the playoffs last season, I think this task is not fun for life. First of all, his defense is definitely not as good as Rondo’s, and the other is.

We can say that last season when we played against the Rockets in the playoffs, I remember that this blossom seemed to be very supportive and I like it very much. This is the performance of Schroeder of the thunder team. I remember that I was very angry with him at that time. Can’t we say that I was angry with him? It made me feel a little frustrated because of last season.

He played against the Lakers in the first round. You can see, Paul’s assists are not the same as Paul at his peak. Although the efficiency is still high and the score is still there, the team’s right to fire is basically given to one person. At that time, I thought that Schroeder almost felt that the data was very good.

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To a perfect career to draw a more perfect period on the surface

His love of basketball? In April 2016, he used all his strength to slash 60 points in the game against the jazz. He led the Laker team to stand up and drew a more perfect end to a perfect career. On the surface, it was just two teams that were not destined.

Customers in the team at the end of the regular season do meaningless struggle, Kobe’s existence to let, the significance of this game, far more than this, he became a carnival of Los Angeles fans, he reminds them of Kobe’s ability to create miracles.

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