It is unrealistic to lock Isaiah Thomas in this whole series

I insisted on his infinite turn, so that he couldn’t find the rhythm of the game he was used to, and he couldn’t get a chance to easily shoot through the screen or cutting. But there is no doubt that it is unrealistic to lock up Isaiah Thomas in this whole series of games by such a method.

Cough Thomas, known as the surface, the strongest 175 is not simply because of her outstanding skills or skills, or for these, the most important thing is its high basketball IQ. In the last four games, his attack may not be more efficient than the first two games, but he has done more in controlling mistakes and connecting teams.

When he fell asleep, he delivered more assists, stronger and less forced carry team, but the team was better. In the third game, he guided the whole process, with only 38% of the shooting rate of 16 points, and the team won 17 points with 9 assists and 2 turnovers. This is the series. And as he has to be clear to everyone, Celtic’s strength does not necessarily depend on how many points he has achieved, but as a team’s strength.

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McLean says it’s like a tiger coming out of the cage

But the change of the ro But the role change is related le is related. Mikron said it was like a tiger out of the cage I have been waiting for a long time. Indeed, as mclem said, he seems to have been in a state of silence in the past two seasons. In fact, Michael, who just entered the league, has been a psychological quality.

The players with mature playing skills are just like everyone thinks he joined and is in the future of the pioneer. Michael has been absent for six weeks in the rookie season because of foot injury. Such goods have brought great influence on mclem and he is the team after he is injured.

Being put on the team, the Development League of subordinate is how unfair treatment it is for a top 10 top players, and what’s more, self-esteem and strong. Mike love won’t be able to usher in his first show in NBA until November 2014.

He felt that he had been exhausted but was once again isolated from the team’s tactical system by the manager. Because the team mainly depended on the first five tigers, support, mclemo had a skill but no place to use, and then in the rotation of Michael Jackson pioneers.

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It’s more than half the number one Jabbar in history

That’s more than half of what Jabbar, the No. 1 player in history, has seen for some time that the most aggressive Kobe Bryant of the current players is being dragged down by injuries to catch up with the record.

But not the current total assists, the total assists is 5535, ranking 41st in NBA history, sixth in the list of players in the letter, distance ranked 38 in history, Michael Jordan, 56005633, only 9098.

His current total rebounds is 5793, ranking the first 163 times in NBA history. However, compared with other small forwards, his rebounds are very high compared with other small forwards. Don’t forget that he still has four MVP awards.

What more achievements can James achieve? Especially for the unprecedented reasons. Part of the reason is that he entered the League very early. He was in 6877 days.

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Its origin, the perfect shooting position

Its origin, the most perfect shooting posture, created the most difficult black eight miracle, Alan Houston, Houston is basketball, Dad, you are the basketball coach, in this case. This is a child’s life. When she was one year old, her father took her to the school library to play ball games. When she was able to write to tell you.

When I was six years old, I was strict. If I didn’t reach the goal, I would punish myself for running and continue to throw stones. In addition, I failed. Thank you very much for saying that to me. To my father, I am all he has, everything I have now.

When I was in college, my father taught in Houston, especially in the last game, but he was still 11th in the first round.

More than 20 days, averaging 19 minutes of playing time, disappeared and were distributed to five people the following year. To modify their bodies to adapt to new roles, but like Houston, tourism plays. The average playing time increased to 36.9 minutes. I finally got to the point where I averaged 22 points and 3-point shooting rate was 4 times 2. A rare opportunity to have enough playing time and give me enough playing stage, which is what I have been looking forward to for a long time. Value Grant Hill.

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The best player market for this Laker

Decisively changed the tactical strategy, using its three-point projection ability to pull out, this time can be said that the effect is immediate, not only their own data, recycling also created more opportunities for teammates, lack of a stable end point.

In fact, there is nothing to say about the webpage. At this time, it’s OK to pull out the matching words. Please provide a wide range of documents. At the same time, it’s also one-on-two non playing opportunities. Not a level of opponents defense pressure acceleration slowed down, but in fact, there are very few players in the market for this Laker.

That is, his fans, especially in our country, under the circumstances of the tourist destination, the railing after the renewal of the contract is bound to have the location of soy sauce and handkerchief, the characteristics of capsule del, and some space for him to create space, and the second is to work hard and bear no grudges.

Jordan chose him as his successor

Good evening, dear friends. In this program, it’s the NBA star introduced by zero one. It’s Tracy McGrady’s idol. He was once appointed by Jordan as his successor. His name is anfenni hadawi. People in NBA League like to call him academician. McGrady likes to play baseball since he was a child.

Even after he retired from the stadium, he still ran to be a baseball player. But the reason why he chose to devote his youth to basketball was because of the birth of a talented Penny Hardaway. T-Mac began to fall in love with basketball crazily. From then on, he began his own basketball journey. Different from T-Mac’s half career, Hardaway loved playing basketball from morning to night.

Gradually, Hardaway attracted the attention of scouts, and its first brilliant moment finally came in college. Because of his excellent performance in college, he was selected into the national selection team of the United States, and beat the invincible dream team in a training class. You also told me about a game. After his junior year, he chose to take part in the draft. After the third place was selected, he was immediately traded to magic and O’Neill to hold up the magic. The legend of heart opened.

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The rocket was short on the inside

The reason for this is that the Rockets are short inside. Davis has to make waves under the basket in order to be worthy of his reputation. In the first game, he shot 14 times within the three-point line, and in the second game, 23 times. In the fourth quarter, the rocket’s physical fitness has been seriously reduced, not only the three-point ball is not accurate.

In addition, facing David stark, I can’t jump, and the key is that in the fourth quarter, the rocket’s three-point ball is not accurate. The same defensive strategy is also used to let them transfer the ball. The same three-point, the open space rocket is not allowed in the fourth quarter. There are only 12 kinds of two. In the first quarter, we can compare the rocket’s three-point ten to the second quarter 18.

In the third quarter, there were more amazing 13 kinds. Even a non allowed wechat merchant couldn’t help but throw three three-point balls when he encountered so many vacant opportunities in the fourth quarter, but none of them. Only one insisted on three no touch. Gordon and house did not see a game. They were troubled by food and fouls, so they were not allowed to shoot the third.

Since you were fouled by Rondo, you were successfully challenged by the Lakers, and Wei Shao was fouled for the fifth time. In fact, ah, he played very well in the first game, so we should not be absolutist in the same way as the fast food had two downturns on George. Alas, maybe he will learn from his pain in the next game and rebound strongly after playing this game, I think.

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Let McGee play with an injury or at Davis

Looking back on the game, we can see that the Lakers who won the second game still made some adjustments, mainly aiming at the Rockets’ 22-3-point shots and 53 shots in the last game, and the utilization rate of center McKee. In fact, the last game, the Lakers have given up Howard’s war, let McKee play with injury or hope to be in Davis.

As we all know, Davis doesn’t like to play No. 5, but in fact, the highest center of the Rockets is just Jeff Green, who is 2.03 meters tall. Ah, there is no big difference between Davis typing and playing five. When McKee was in front of small town Rong, he only needed to protect the basket.

Don’t always ask for it. The joint defense station is on the outside line. I listed it here. It was when he was in the first quarter of more than seven minutes and 50 seconds. It was the rocket team Gordon when he made a strong breakthrough. If this was measured, the chicken was sold. It was the first foreign risk because of the joint defense. The result was in Gordon.

When he broke through, he instinctively liked to go to the basket. In fact, there was James inside, and he was guarding there. As a result, it was revealed that he was an alien. After seven minutes of playing in the first quarter, McGee played seven minutes, and his rebounds and blocks were all zero. There was only one mistake and one foul in the second half.

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The rocket is no longer the original rocket

If you still come this way next year, as usual, it’s almost the same time. It’s definitely not the way to leave in this way. It’s the only way that d’antony can trust his boss to prove that he’s still working. But even if you get rid of the old man, you can’t prove that I want money.

He left a dead end that no one could move, and the Rockets were not the same rockets. Yao Ming gave a speech when he retired his jersey and shared a story with the audience. It was his first lunar new year in the United States. The players cheated him into the dressing room, so they gave him a red envelope.

How much money is in it? When you open it, there are only two yuan. He joked, anyway, put a ten yuan bill. Then Yao Ming said with emotion that this two yuan bill has been in my pocket all the time. From then on, he never left me, because I know that no matter where I go, as long as this bill is still in my pocket.

Like never leaving home, the world is not eternal. Now, even the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, which he often goes to, has been closed. The rocket, once the second home in Yao Ming’s heart, is getting farther and farther away from us.

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Running back and forth on the baseline results in smart

Cross running confused Duncan and Robinson. Because he was defending, two people suddenly appeared in his defense area, so he hesitated to chase. After class, he didn’t expect that jerun Brown would be emptied and cut directly to the basket. So, there are many ways to smash Duncan and Robinson defense, which can be summed up as a breakthrough of three points.

A lot of our fans are still stuck in breaking the joint defense and must have the free throw line. In fact, this is only one of the important ways to break through the European style joint defense. The ability of NBA players, ha, is the main way to break through and three points. But I think whether it is European style or American style, there must be some people but no need for them As for the shortstop’s baseline, Jishou’s ability to break the joint defense is a key point. I’m explaining that Guangdong team emphasized this game when they played. Ye Zixuan gave a live demonstration, which also saved me from doing my own motion map. Compared with their, my eyes are all manual work.

It’s not so delicate. This, the ball, is, Matt is standing at the top of the arc, and then it’s grant Williams at the bottom line. When there are several united defense songs of the heat, and the formation attention is on the line, then, they don’t have a person to pay attention to that grant Williams running back and forth in the baseline, and the result is smart.

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