Reasonable and unexpected!

It can’t be said that there is no solution for curry and Durant’s pick and roll, including a tree. I will use Durant and Curie’s pick and roll at the critical moment. In this competition, a few of them were used in today’s competition, but they were all unsuccessful and ineffective. Why do you say that curry and Durant are.

There’s no solution to pick and roll, right? Curie has the ability to play small and big, Brent. After the shift, because the physical condition of the small guard facing the other side is so excellent, that is, er, how to say, that is, er, yes. All the small guards stand out from the rest. Um, the natural advantage. So, um, these two people’s pick and roll, simply speaking, they can’t solve the problem. They treat the opponents, but the opposite clippers have become hell Beverly, which causes problems. I don’t know Beverly is the main defense Durant and the main defense Durant, so ah, transposition application to this library is usually a big player, the height of the tall player is about 1.98 meters, because his position has already occurred in this defense. There has also been a shift in position, so Durant and curry have returned to the ah Beverly defense after the pick and roll, and the counter defense players of Curie and Curie have returned to Durant. Ah, Durant’s natural height advantage is not so obvious, but Durant itself is profound.

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Hardon three doubles, three less!

I’m going to have dinner soon. Let’s talk about it this evening. If we have time, we can say that Hadden changed triple doubles today to see the data. We didn’t watch the game. We went to work in the evening. Well, it’s like analogy. Although it means that you don’t need triple doubles, don’t you say Wei Shao doesn’t want to cut three doubles, right? Harden can win by cutting three doubles. Smile concern says that you can’t win. Why do you have to see if you have 30 points. Thirty plus three doubles ah, you need to get enough points, you know? For wechat business, you have to focus on scoring your impact and your scoring ability. You have to show that you have enough points. You can cut three doubles. OK, we don’t object to it, right? We don’t object to it.

You can see how harden plays, right? First you get enough points, right? It’s a threat. First of all, it’s dangerous. It’s not like to get enough 30 points and then brush the rebounds and assists. You’ve got wechat. Your rebounds, your assists, your assists, especially your assists. You’ll go up, right? The rebounds depend on God. Why do you say it? Hold your hand, ah, it just fell on your head, right? You don’t think you can explain it. What is your triple pair like James? It is those who guard those with anti-theft. Those who have this strength, whether it is anti-theft or anti-theft, get this kind of rebounds and defensive rebounds. It’s normal, right

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This level will last for the second year

It’s the feeling that killing people is invisible. It’s just that you can feel how he scores and then he has come up. Slap , every ball feels understatement. I’ll play understatement. If I don’t give it, you won’t feel that she’s got a lot of points. I feel that every ball is sneaking in, and the opponent seems to be sneaking in. It’s like an assassin, like a qualification. If the ball wins, if you don’t play the main team, you’ll be the best candidate for the best sixth person. This level will last for the second year.

This level is the best choice for the sixth person. Well, we say that there is a saying that no one dies in silence, but erupts in silence. Let’s describe white as a player. You have to see, maybe it will be flat in the future. It’s almost like this level. Another possibility is to become a master, a master, not a super giant, not a word we use to describe it. You have to know, it’s not Chaoju opera, it’s not a superstar, it’s not an all star, it’s a master, what’s a master is, it’s very elegant to play ball

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the Nuggets and the Spurs

The so-called we media reports, you might as well not see those reports, you don’t have to read them, you don’t have to waste that time. Ah, hunger is not mentioned much. Let’s talk about it briefly. Ah, the title of this report is quite eye-catching and eye-catching. Er, the long article is also a long article, which has a thousand characters. Ah, we need to have a look at it, right? The title, I’ll say it briefly. I haven’t read the long article yet. I’ll go and have a look at it later. What the stomach and intestines require is that they don’t play the routine. The inside line is strong and the poke is good. It’s like that. It doesn’t play the routine. Jokic, it’s all incomprehensible. Well, you just look at the title. You just look at the title. Why are we so accurate? Why are we so good at NBA? You know, why are these reports behind us? Because we analyze them.

The observation ability is quite outstanding, ah God forecast, ah, even the news can give you a good prediction. When we started the game on April 13, we said that the Nuggets and the Spurs are very good-looking, very good-looking, very worried about the Nuggets. Why should we emphasize it again and again. Repeatedly, the Spurs and the Nuggets and nuggets play routine. You know, the Spurs also play routines with you, right? There is no team in the league that can play routines with the Spurs, because they are killed by the Spurs. Are we saying that

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Celtics are very good

This magic play, spend, envy people to play this basketball team, then, um, is there a problem, no problem? It’s very anxious, very fierce ah, there are still problems in this game, and you can take a taxi 400. I tell you, it’s not a one-sided nature. The Western spurs and the Nuggets are very good-looking balls. Have you ever said that the eastern Pacers, Celtics are very good-looking teams, right? As for what looks good, we said before not to mention it, right? It’s a very good ball. You don’t think that 4-0 is their strength gap. Of course. The Pacers don’t have oladibo. It’s not easy to play like this in such a sticky situation. It’s not easy. It’s very difficult. They are serious and absolute. The core injuries are all scattered soldiers. They’re all soldiers and crabs. They do it for you, right. I think, ah, even if I’m not hungry, there’s no joy. For example, last year, when the Raptors were 4-0, you thought the Raptors were scum, were they rubbish? Ah, if you don’t watch the game, they’re all playing overtime. Right? It’s not James’s two best kills that makes it 2-2.

But can you guarantee that you will make it to the finals? Ah, no, no, you have to see the process of the game. 4-0 you want to, like the warriors, the warriors play the clippers, and the team play four to one. Does it prove that I’m right? It’s just a coincidence.

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the Bucks 76ers are the first team

I think it’s very difficult for Celtics and Celtics to play the four teams. In terms of attack ability, the Bucks 76ers are the first team and the Raptors are the second. Well, Celtic is a third tier team. In terms of defensive form or defensive ability, the first tier team in the East is raptors and Celtics. When the team is between N12 and the Bucks, because the Bucks have not yet shown their defensive ability, brothers have not shown their own defense. Speaking of this, some netizens gave us questions about sports and said that we were fighting in the face. In an instant, we talked about the issue of bradsox, which we mentioned before.

I don’t think it should be the four-year 70 million contract. Here it is. This is the program we talked about before. Some netizens took it out. It’s really true. They listen to our program carefully. So I can remember this. I said that it’s not mentioned every day. It’s just a little rich. Don’t mention it. Er, we think why. I think, ah, the Bucks need to have a future, ah, to win the championship for a long time. Well, this competitiveness is going to impact the finals to win the championship. Ah, the position of point guard is 70 million yuan in four years. Brad and SOHO are actually in great loss. If the Bucks can’t win the championship, or if they can’t win the championship in the factory, they will surely be a failure in this contract. He will be proved by the transaction order or the panda is right. This signing is a failure. It’s a loss. Why does Qian Yun say this? We said bradsough is too short. It’s really too short. It’s too short to play in the playoffs. Ah, the forced draft team also has this kind of glass man attribute.

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Capella! Luwei! cry and shed bitter tears

Dukuri Durant, ah, it’s parallel, and he’s crying again. When he’s still playing, can you still play when he doesn’t move? This lineup, if you want to play all the time, depends on the letters and khumbo and Middleton. The characters have to fight on, and the service life of Bradshaw is only two years. You have to match the letters with the age of khumbo and Middleton. We have always said that it is very inappropriate for Jabari park to let go. It is very wrong. Maybe, it’s also because the bucks are impatient. Right, this year, Brad and Soxhlet have a contract of 70 million yuan for four years. Next year, Barry Parker, the commemorative prize, has won an annual salary of 40 million yuan for two years with the Wizards. Is there any player option. From this year’s performance, OK, from this year’s performance, there is an upward trend. He is a young player. He is a very young player. In the first few years of this year, he is 23-4 years old, right? Than Bradshaw.

At least six years younger, five or six years old, to be five or six years younger. This is a generation. Five or six years old can be said to be a generation. This year, I was pressed on the bench alive. Bill wall, ah, wizard, just did not strive to tell the truth. Not winning, right, or the whole team after the injury

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The bucks are going to die!

Today’s two games, one is bucks. Yes, Celtic, this is very important. Oh, this is the key news report that we care about. As a result, we didn’t do it. Ah, it didn’t make any sense. Ah, what’s the importance of the second game? The trend of the e-sports game, ah, etc. this bullshit, the second ball, the second series, the Rockets. I don’t care too much about the two results. I don’t really care about the second game. To be honest, I don’t care too much about it. To be honest, the goddess of fortune is on the side of the Rockets, hoping to play more games. If we can, we will have a chance to live if we drag into the situation of grabbing seven.

I, that’s what I said. Oh, so we support the Rockets, right? Well, you should know what it means, right? It’s very polite to have said it. If the Rockets want to win, it’s a word of good luck, two words of luck and other balls. From, player ability, overall strength and ability, ah, this kind of play advantage is very scientific. Don’t make a mistake. Ah, warrior’s play is the advanced playing method. It’s the most unfathomable playing method, the most dominating and balancing method. It’s the most stable. I’ll tell you, yes. Yes, we should play the regular game. We should play the conventional game. We should play the individual ability, right? If we can fight with you, we will give you a fight after the fight, right? You can pick a guy, you can choose whatever you want. I will accompany you to the end. The warrior is so strong. Anger is strong to this extent, of course, compared with last year’s kind is slightly decreased, but the level is still high, to play in the finals

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Leonard is a hero!

Now there is still a game. In four or five minutes, 100-10 is ahead of 84. How can we calculate this? We have to lead by more than 20 points and lead by 256, er, the 76ers. We lost our crazy attack of 76 people. It’s just a lot of points, he just fell a lot, he scored a lot, he’s fighting for attack, this team is fighting for attack, but his defense is also good, that is, in the west, in the east of these teams are not allowed, although the defense is not the top, but he has those. By comparison, alien Jimi Butler provides that the defense is still OK. The two points of defense are quite good belts. At present, wearing zero is mainly to win in the attack. The offensive points on the Nb are more powerful than those on the inside line. Ah, I have seen more than 33 points and more rebounds.

These kill more than a dozen, penalty shots, raptors attack and play a mess, ah, 90 points now, dissatisfaction may not be more than 100, ah, this game may not be more than 100 ah, I said the Raptors ah, attack and defense, ah, the Raptors attack and defense, ah, is very balanced, play 100 points more than 100. Now his normal level, but today did not play well, and there is no limit, live

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nor because we like the Nuggets

Jojic, ah, his playing time will be reduced, and he will be beaten by Kuri Durant Thomson. Describe the warriors green as the shield.

It’s a shield, a tough shield, right? The other three are sharp spears. So, we support that the nuggets can make it to the Western Conference finals, not because we hate the Blazers, nor because we like the Nuggets. The Nuggets and the Blazers are the only two teams that are more able to fight the warriors. As long as the Blazers have the determination, ah, the Trail Blazers have no ability to fight back, so they can’t compete with the warriors on the stage. Of course, we say that there are some. Rocket fans, at all costs, are upset, but we can’t help it. Finally, let me also say that I support the Rockets, ah, the rockets and the warriors. The team is in a fierce battle, right? So we also support the rockets and the warriors. They can play a wonderful game and play the warriors. Weakness ah, if you can’t win the series, if you can’t beat it, you can play the warriors’ weakness. Show the Blazers and nuggets a look, and you can light the bottom card. Then, er, in fact, the clippers have already forced the warriors out.

If you come up with the death five small, there will be one big one left. The first rocket team will also force the strongest warrior to come up. Livingston, the first shot, anyway, I will tell you whether it’s Livingston or a Dala mental method warrior. Yes, you can fight this set now. You can fight this battle, and you can use the so-called death five small. But, I want to say, ah, the warriors’ lineup, and, no small, you have to know, and, no small, but in all positions, the only thing that does not suffer losses is that green is a little shorter in this position, Durant’s two meter one center is no more than that. You can see now, right? Curry’s one meter ninety-one is also a tall guard Thomson. What? Thompson is also a tall guard and a high shooting guard in the shooting guard position, isn’t he? Besides, igordala, um, yes, he’s not short. He has a strong body, right? He’s also strong. He’s tall and strong

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