100% only waiting for signing!

These rumors have become less and less, and now there are some new York Knicks. That’s all, that’s all. With the announcement of this news today, the education of the eagles and the warriors has been improved. Basically, it can be judged that 100% Durant will stay in the warriors for at least the next season, at least for the next season. I think it is reasonable to sign a 1 + 4 contract. Ah, it is normal to sign a qualitative contract for five years. Why do you say that.

I can see that my netizens have left a message, right or wrong. I personally think, ah, something has happened. There are three new players in the second round of signing. This year, there are three rookies. Right? It’s to leave space for Durant and Thomson’s contract. In fact, it’s half right. That’s a wrong interpretation. It’s not like this. We have to know, ah, if we sign Durant, if Thompson signs curry now, and aquili has signed the top salary, and every team of Thomson Brant has reached the top salary of three players, which team is basically out of space, right? If we want to fake it. Under the operation, only the rookie veteran and, middle class, contract can fill all the 15 contracts of the team. Then the contract of veteran with base salary is basically impossible. These fellow villagers can only get very low salary.

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Which account is the most cost-effective?

So. Maybe for some owners, the daily expenses of the club, the daily expenses, the air tickets, the accommodation, the travelling expenses, all of which will be reduced, but the reduction of the number of games also means less fans entering the sports. If there are no fans in the stadium, then how can they buy Uniforms and tickets? How can they consume these ancillary products? They don’t have time and no more opportunities. So I think this is just for the fans.

In the taking stage, there needs to be a big data support. However, we can calculate the team’s expenses, the league’s expenses, the income, the expenditure and the income. Which account is the most cost-effective? Is it to earn more by playing more or by playing less. This needs to be calculated, so now, just for discussion, I think it is a long process to put it into practice. Fans and friends need not worry too much about next year or 82 games, the year after that or 82 games until 2029. Away game, never waver

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Bucks big Sammy knife!

Now it’s reported that Middleton is staying. No problem. As we said before, it’s impossible to go. How many tons can go? Bloom and Gordon leave is also a very small probability. The Bucks this season, this summer, is to deal with these contracts well. How many tons are 178 million in five years and have not received the base salary. You are almost the same. The children’s songs are almost the same. For the good purchase of the team and the success of next year, you have to figure out the contract of Kun Bao. You can’t make the contract of letter Kun Bo smaller,

31.8, ah, blog, all 20 million, ah, Middleton’s, well, 30 million plus, such a Kun Bao, next year’s contract, then leave these three players, other players, that doesn’t matter, ah, can, trade, bradeso, that’s even better. If the deal doesn’t come, let’s see if it can. Sharing the mainland, configuration, ah, now, the news is too much, um, he is really too much. Excuse me, the player is too much to watch. A little bit, but your landing knight is already an accurate one and needs to leave the road repair team. Ah, it’s a pity

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the same as that of James and Anthony Davis

For a long time, the same as that of James and Anthony Davis, although the combination also has competition, but their competitiveness is not long. The main reason is that as for the age of James, the Rockets are also the same. So let’s not talk about the warriors because Thomson will be possible in March next year. Pay so how the whole competitive state is, I don’t know now it’s too early to draw a conclusion, then the Western four should be, ah, regardless of the order, the Los Angeles Clippers, rockets, and, jazz, then the warriors can Thomson fire line return to have a good state. If, in some cases, the warriors are also a very competitive team, we should pay attention to it, mainly because of Thomson. If Thomson can play normally, the warriors still have a very competitive troika, which is very strong. Don’t underestimate it. Although its strength was lost to this year’s playoffs. The Raptors are fighting for their lives. As we said before, it is an inevitable trend for Leonard to leave the Raptors. Los Angeles, Shuangxiong, is ahead of the Raptors. Ah, at least in this point, we are not wrong. The Raptors have collapsed. We said that the Raptors will collapse next season.

Now, there are a lot of netizens who are still talking about it. It’s not easy. Ah, it’s not easy to discuss Paul George’s dissatisfaction. I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s just a matter of personal feelings to understand. Ah, there’s no need for business

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The end of the play!

It’s not that it’s not at the senior level but because he is such a player. How to say, Dorothy is not suitable for any team in the league. He is not suitable for many teams. Well, only like the rocket, ah, and harden can match. Only the madman can understand. The communication between the madman, the madman and the madman does not need to sing love. Haden is also a madman, and the wechat businessman is also a madman. When two madmen are together, they may spark, just like Rondo and Ka.

But they can communicate with other people. They don’t understand their world. Ah, I think Wei Shao can choose a lot of other teams, such as Celtic team. She can choose Celtic team, Celtic team can also do it. It can be exchanged, father Hayward. Let’s trade it out, because the contract of Hayward is not of great value. The contract obtained is forged. The price difference of the contract is almost several million dollars, which can be matched with five grenades. Thank you, five. The first round in front of the finger is worthless, and the Celtics can’t go to the bottom of the league. Um, so he took the first round of all the money in the previous few years, which could not be valuable, and those who could exchange something would be added in the following years. Well, it’s not necessary to add a five round first round signing, right? To exchange, Westbrook, Celtic team is also good, and thunder is also good. You should know that now weishao, those teams that can be changed, have no chips, they should use all the money they should spend, and it is very difficult.

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why Gordon wants to learn all kinds of things

Like the Rockets, like the Rockets, there are harden, who can add the third strong point. Actually, in terms of overall strength, they are better than some other teams. So we have to say Nader and Paul George, this year.

Joining the Clippers has done a good thing to the NBA. It’s really a good thing, ah, balancing the whole NBA, whether it’s in the West or the East, or the whole NBA, because Liang Dade and Paul joined the Clippers. Yes, it has reached the level in recent years. In recent 78 years, 56 years, 56 years, 78 years. One, the most balanced balance point, then, why the Rockets want to stay and why Gordon wants to learn all kinds of things. I think the anticipation that we discussed coincides with what we have discussed, because we have been saying that we have repeatedly stressed that the alliance is now. The so-called five little warriors of death, or the James heat, have given the League a wrong demonstration. Ah, I have always told my friends in the group of fans that this is a wrong demonstration. NBA basketball is always a high sport. Because we have said that if you want to have good results, you should aspire to go up and take your position in the front line. You must have the strength and ability to steal the mirror. Then, for the warriors at that time, because the warriors were the imaginary enemy of the whole league, then the Warriors with this set of lineup should also match Durant.

Guard is not strong enough, you are not able to compete with the warriors, but now warriors this imaginary enemy no longer exists, all teams are still playing, most teams are still playing death, five small teams can give the Rockets more space

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These contracts are generally among the team

In the league, ah, three four general contracts, the first kind of small contract, this kind of small box, we divide this kind of small activities according to the value, which is a lot of, according to the salary matching, the principle you want to trade Paul, you have to have a lot of a big contract plus some scattered small contracts, you can’t find it from the heat. In this way, as long as the contracts of 40 million yuan can be directly matched, then you have to find a lot of small contracts to match. Ah, Paul’s contract of 40 million yuan is very difficult to grasp. The second one is more than 20 million yuan. These contracts are generally among the team, er, these players who occupy my position are not very easy to find.

About 10 million contracts have been launched, that is, the contracts are very flexible and easy to operate. The heat have a lot of contracts, so it is easier to match Paul in operation. The second point is that he is now, the heat team is also rescued in this way. This, Butler, ah, other players outside the main attack point have not made much contribution, these enterprises have nothing too big, or these players, its value is not big, its value is only reflected in the transaction value, today’s heat, ah, after the successful signing of Butler, ah, it came in by way of signing, right, so. Well, the other contracts don’t have much of this, so for Paul, it’s an equal exchange with Paul. The two teams are both, and the thunder team, after losing Paul, traded with Paul. After 20 games of losing Paul, they can also go. It’s bad, but they can go to the bottom of the league. It’s time to start a new team. Now, it’s a good time for Paul to bring a cruel thunder team to play in the playoffs. Ah, ranking is not high. For young players, these contracts don’t need to waste your next three years and five years. It’s necessary to have effective results.

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Rise in the coming year!

For the warriors, Kuri has a great historical position. The bonus can even co-exist with James. Ah, the double pride is not black and white. It’s a pity to lose this opportunity, because with Durant, you can look back and have a look. Your whole career has been successful, and that’s also a failure. Among these ordinary players, he is the best. But in front of these superstars, ah, too much, too much, too much. I always think so. So now these little fans, ah, I can clearly realize that there are always peaks and troughs, and there will always be a day when they will step down from the altar. We have been saying this all the time, right? Now it’s here to help you grow up, help you know, help you to be human, help you know that the sky is thick.

But I still hope that curry can play a few more seasons. Ah, I believe, ah, curry’s career should be completed at the same time as James’s, ah, this is a relatively normal phenomenon that can be expected. Then the only regret is that there is still regret that can be achieved. It may be, er, the three-point king of the three-point table. Input 22900 three-point points and wait for curry to break. Then this season can’t play. Next season, I’ll play two more seasons. I’ll finish the task in 1.3 seasons. I’m sorry to interrupt. In fact, many of the three-point records are not in Curie’s hands. You can take a look at it. With 400 three-point points in a single season and 2900 that may be touched, the three-point record has broken the human record. I think the other records are not in Curie’s hands. It’s hard to say that Curie is the history’s three-point king

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One of the problems of Owen’s

This, control board ability, organization, ability, defense, ability is, there is no way to survive in the league, but Rubio can now stand firm, the Suns can add all the time, and I personally think that there is no big problem with him. This is the way he plays. I will ask a question later about the type of player who can’t. One of the problems of Owen’s players is, ah, at the end of this program, there will be no big problems in these three positions. If the record is not good or the team happens, er, the record decline can’t play in the playoffs, and the situation is getting worse, I think the front line will still have.

The main responsibility is that the Suns played against the 76ers. Now, let’s talk about Owen’s question. Ah, it’s not in the media, but in our small group. He actually talked about it two years ago. But at that time, it didn’t show up. Now we put this problem, ah, as early as more than ten years ago, this problem has been plagued. Some of us, fans and friends, ah, the good problem is that we can become a team, especially for some weak teams. Super score, break-up, and is the only super team, score, break-up will have a bad impact on a team’s long-term planning, the team built for this player will be more difficult.

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Whiteside is not so figurative

Jazz, this is also a strong team. He is a fake strong team. Some people say that jazz team. It’s not strong enough, ah ah, what kind of team? It’s not strong enough, right? The top eight teams in the east of 5800 in the West are all called strong teams. Well, I said, ah, this degree adverb ah, this adjective is a little inappropriate, I’m not very appropriate, er. After that, we lost the game again. Some friends asked, what is the position of the pioneer? How do we look at it? We said that the blazer is a very comprehensive team. All positions are very balanced, right? Then why are we defeated repeatedly? Don’t blame Lillard and Michael.

The team loses, Lillard, that is duty bound, right? No one can take the responsibility, ah, but we should say that he plays as a whole, not depends on how much contribution Lida has made. If the foundation is good, you can have the reporting line of Lillard and mcglom. Right? It’s too bad for the foundation. Now it seems that we are in fact. That’s what I think. Whiteside is not so figurative. That is to say, this player is useful when you are in front of the heat or a bunch of waste wood. But once you get to the powerful environment of the west, or in the fierce competition environment. Right now, it shows this kind of fatigue, right? After getting a big contract, he doesn’t do anything. The ball still needs to let Moore play the first center, nurchic, and return from the fire line, which is very important for the Blazers

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