What are the rules of the ice hockey fight?

Let’s introduce the rules of NHL first. The formal single fight is very gentleman. There will be a consensus between the two people before the fight. If there is only one side to fight, it will not work. Then they throw away their clubs and gloves and dry them. If one side falls to the ground or the referee observes that they can’t play, they will pull them apart. Sometimes the two people who fight will clap. And the goalkeeper will generally open the single referee (after all, the goalkeeper needs special protection). Both sides of the fight were sentenced to five minutes, during which the two teams kept five players on the same court, when the penalty time is up and the ball is dead, they can go out of the penalty box. But even NHL is not allowed to fight after the game. Other leagues, like AHL, OHL and KHL, are not allowed to fight alone. If there is a fight, it will be punished by the League (however, in recent years, the fight rules of KHL have been opened a little, presumably in order to draw close to NHL). The international ice company competition and the Olympic Games are even more prohibited from fighting!! Will be punished by ICIF!

Under what circumstances can the outside catcher no longer move to the opponent’s array area after receiving the ball?

In the NFL rules, the outside catcher receives the ball and falls to the ground in the boundary. As long as the outside catcher is not touched by the defensive player, he can stand up and continue running as long as he cannot move after receiving the ball.

1. It’s too complicated to analyze. Let’s see the conclusion

2. Catch and out

3. If you catch the ball successfully, you will be caught and touched

4. The referee has the right to stop when he gives up his will to push and catches the ball

5. If there is a need for the referee to stop the match immediately, I didn’t expect that the NCAA’s inside and outside catches the ball and falls to the ground even if it is over. No matter whether someone touches it or not, you can’t stand up and continue running

If you want to play Japanese professional baseball, where can I start?

Japanese, I haven’t seen anyone do subtitles for Japanese baseball, except for classic ball games. A game usually lasts for 3 or 4 hours. Every week, there are 6 games except Monday. There are 12 teams. Who can make 6 games. If you don’t listen to it, it’s OK. Asian people are similar in physique and technology, not as rebellious as MLB, so many small theater mistakes, really no three outs, anything can happen, big ups and big downs, heart must be good. Let’s find a favorite team at the beginning. The foreign Federation has paid for live webcasts and can watch it abroad. Search for TV. Do you have a player or team you like? What’s your favorite style of playing in a year? Schoolboy? Age? What’s the purpose of the game?

Do you like technical players or looks? Do you prefer young players or don’t care if you can play? Prefer the power type or the mobile type In this way, your own playing style, playing position, physical conditions (height, weight, strength, speed), playing goal are about to talk about. 12 teams have different styles. I can recommend it to you according to your preference (of course, I have my subjective opinion, we Japanese ham fan will definitely not recommend you giant, hum!) Find the players and teams you like, and watch the game all the time. Japanese players are famous for their muscle + money and marrying the host. There are still a lot of frivolous news. You can’t read the gossip. You see too much as a boy will produce a kind of impulse that I also want to become such a person! It’s an incentive.

What impact does the new coronavirus have on foreign sports

Now the coronavirus has spread all over the world, infecting more than 100000 people in 90 countries. As of March 6, more than 3400 people have died. (the data comes from Baidu new coronavirus real-time). The development of the virus is affecting global business, and the sports industry is also facing this huge shadow. So what’s the epidemic situation abroad? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

NCCA announces strategy before bidding

As the NCAA championship draws near, the NCAA released a statement on Friday saying it does not intend to cancel the event at the suggestion of a consulting group of medical experts.

“The NCAA covid-19 Advisory Group recognizes the mobility of covid-19 and its impact on events in public places,” the statement said “Team members believe that while continuing to work with local, state and federal health authorities, such as the CDC, we need to have a better understanding of covid-19.

How to evaluate the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 world championship?

As the second largest sport in the United States, the abbreviation of the highest level professional baseball league is MLB (major league basketball), which is equivalent to NBA to professional basketball. Baseball as an outdoor sport, MLB season starts in spring every year and lasts until the end of October. In the last week of October, the final battle between the champions and the runners up was called the world series. Like the NBA, the final showdown is not one game, but the sum of the results of several games. There are seven competitions in the world series, lasting for 9-10 days. The final winner is the World Series Champions.

When I first knew the name, as an innocent melon eater, my first reaction was: WTF?! Why is your game in North America (because one of the MLB teams is from Canada) called a world series? Do you want such a thick skin! Adhering to the spirit of breaking the casserole to the end, I checked the origin of the name. The textual research on the Internet is so recorded: in 1884, shortly after its birth (now it is generally believed that the official birth time of MLB is April 22, 1876), the unpopular MLB only modestly claimed that it had elected the “champion of the United States”. But at that time, a very influential sports weekly, sports life, made a lot of hype about that year’s champion, Providence grays, as “champions of the world”.

Over the next decade or so, the word “world’s championship” was occasionally seen in publications. In the early twentieth century, the name world’s championship series, or world’s series for short, was used more and more. Until the 1930s, world series officially became the conventional title for MLB finals.

Why can Chinese ice hockey team have Chinese origin?

  1. Tokyo’s strategy for preparing for the war is “precision drip irrigation”.

Interpretation – next ~ ~ in other words, the brand that should be taken must be taken, and the advantage project must be maintained. Don’t worry about the one who can’t, because

Limited funding~~

  1. Beijing Winter Olympic Games strives to “compete in the whole project” and win.

Read about it ~ ~ make full use of the privileges of the host, report all the projects and teams that can be reported, and don’t waste resources. The dew

The face of the face, we are happy.

There are so many events in the Winter Olympic Games. How can China participate in every event? Besides, it has to compete in style and level. What about that? Loan

Mobilization. If you can’t borrow it, you can introduce it. As long as the athletes have the nationality of the participating country, they can compete on behalf of that country. Our country doesn’t.

There are also many excellent athletes to compete on behalf of other countries.

And it’s not just the hockey team, it’s the other events~

What are the high technologies in NFL?

As the leading professional sports league in North America, NFL has been very active in adopting new technologies. Take the simplest example: for more than 100 years, head protection has evolved from the simplest leather hat to a composite helmet with a shock absorbing liner. The following is mainly about the technical progress related to TV broadcasting, because the major TV stations that provide funds for NFL are after World War II. 1. Slow lens replay is now a pediatrics technology, but the camera used video tape more than 50 years ago. Let alone slow lens, it is very difficult to replay it backwards. In 1963, CBS first installed the original replay technology in the college football live broadcast, and the device weighed 1300 pounds. In the match between the Black Knight of the West Point Military Academy and the brigadier of the Naval Academy, the TV station replayed a scene of reaching the array. The commentator also specially explained to the audience: “this is not twice reaching the array! It’s a replay! “

Replay technology immediately entered NFL from the university football field, and derived freeze frame, slow play and other functions. Rugby moves quickly and rhythms, and replay technology makes the essence of this sport available on TV. In addition, live broadcast technology also directly brings another unexpected technological progress. Since 1986, the NFL has used video playback to assist referees in confirming key decisions, and later developed a system for coaches to challenge decisions. At present, video playback assistance has spread to the high-level leagues of tennis, ice hockey, baseball, basketball and many other sports. 2. The most common live broadcast of NFL with sky camera is from two perspectives. One is the side shot of the field. The two teams fight left and right, similar to football. This kind of lens is shot from the side audience of the venue, which is more old-fashioned:

How’s the baseball orphan sleeping with the knife?

Abstract: parents died, were sold by their families, were extremely poor, and fought They are very similar to the wild children abandoned by adults in the spring of the cowherd. Once they wanted to call the world, but who would listen and who would know their existence? It was not until a man in a baseball cap appeared that the children knew that the little heart also needed love, gentleness and tolerance; sun Lingfeng, like Matthew, chose to “redeem”. In the gray morning, he took the children to find the way to the rainbow and opened the curtain of hope.

This is the fifth part of Tencent sports “to be continued”. We have been focusing on the story of sun Lingfeng and baseball “orphans” for two years. At the end of 2019, they moved again.

In early April 2019, sun Lingfeng said to Tencent sports at the end of the interview.

Later, due to the torn interests, the Shanghai base became yellow. It wasn’t until December that sun Lingfeng finally moved the base from seven families in South Changping to the old warehouse in Tongzhou.

He has been a love baseball player for more than four years. The former captain of the Chinese baseball team has not been idle for a day. He keeps looking for the ground, money and “orphan”. He thinks that he is an iron player, but he is overdrawn. After all, the disease still finds him.

One day in the middle of April, sun Lingfeng was rushed to the hospital and made four heart stents. “Five minutes later, my life will be gone.”. At best or not, he survived. But the next day after he left the hospital, he didn’t listen to the doctor’s order to “have a good rest”, so he went to the child’s home for maintenance.

What happened to sun Lingfeng and his baseball orphans this year? In early January 2020, Tencent sports came to sun Lingfeng’s love baseball base again.

The Black Sox Scandal is a fake game in Major League Baseball

The Black Sox Scandal is a fake game in major league baseball, in which eight Chicago White Sox members are accused of deliberately losing to the Cincinnati Redskins in the 1919 World Series in exchange for money from the gambling group led by Arnold rostin. As a result of the scandal, judge kenesaw mountain Landis was appointed as the first major league baseball president, granting him absolute control over the sport to restore its integrity.

Although acquitted in 1921, judge Landis sentenced eight players to a life ban. Punishment was eventually defined as being expelled from the Baseball Hall of fame. The ban remains in effect despite calls for a resumption of participation in the next few decades, especially in the case of shoeless Joe Jackson.

MLB confirmed the first novel coronavirus pneumonia! Positive nucleic acid test for Yankee minor league players

Novel coronavirus Yankee novel coronavirus was positive in March 16th, Yang Kee, general manager Cashman announced. It is the first official Baseball Association in the world to officially announce the infection of the new coronavirus.

Under the health insurance privacy and Liability Act, the Yankees did not disclose the player’s identity, and kashman said the player’s condition was improving. “He’s still in isolation, but there are basically no symptoms, no fever, no fatigue,” he said in an interview

According to Cashman, the player reported to the team on Friday that he had a fever and was tired. The team doctor first took his temperature, then screened him for influenza and pharyngitis, but the test results for both diseases were negative. The team sent the novel coronavirus to Tampa general hospital for screening of new coronavirus. He became the first Yankee employee to detect coronavirus. I’m sorry to hear that he was positive on Saturday from his lab in Tallahassee, Florida.

“Because he’s young, he didn’t play in the first team,” kashman said. “We screened all the people at spring training base on Thursday, when he didn’t have any symptoms. What’s terrible is how he became infected, and who did he have close contact with during that time? He has now left the base and returned home, to be sure that he has little contact with major league players. The Hillsborough County Health Administration told us not to worry. “