The rocket tough guy only got a base salary offer. Nine million in two years is too aggrieved. Let’s jump to the Lakers

Recently, the topic of extending the contract of rocket tough guy PJ Tucker continues to heat up. According to people familiar with the matter, the rocket team hopes to extend the contract of Tucker with a 2-year base salary of 9 million yuan, which immediately aroused hot discussion among the fans.

According to Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen, PJ Tucker hopes to renew his contract with the Rockets ahead of time. At present, the Rockets have turned Tucker’s contract for next season into full guarantee.

Tucker’s contract was signed in the summer of 2017, which is a four-year contract of US $31.88 million, of which the salary next season is US $7.97 million, but the guaranteed amount is only US $2.57 million, which means Tucker can get a full salary of US $7.97 million next year.

However, the Rockets want to sign Tucker with a base salary of 9 million yuan in two years, which is a bit of bullying. In this era of a billion yuan contract, Tucker’s value is far more than that, and in order to help the team strengthen, he also chose to reduce his salary, so the Rockets really need to make up for Tucker.

Many fans speculate that the reason why the Rockets reduced the price of Tucker is because of the excellent performance of Covington. Houston saw Tucker’s replacement, so they would even let Tucker go.

Is James going to kill his teammates? Data can explain everything!

On February 27, ESPN reporters reported on TV that Lakers forward LeBron James will miss tomorrow’s away game against warriors due to his left groin ache.

“Remember what you just said they’re going to play, they’re going to face the Golden State Warriors,” the reporter said. “It’s a night off for LeBron James. Now with machiv Morris, they can even let him replace LeBron and give LeBron more rest. All in all, it’s actually a night off. “

I can’t imagine that tomorrow’s rotation is James’s third absence from the game this season. It’s really not easy for a 35 year old. Last season, James injured his groin. Due to proper treatment, he didn’t make any more mistakes later. The Lakers can be at the top of the list this season, which is inseparable from the efforts of other Lakers players, such as offensive and defensive equipment Good Davis, like old and tough Howard, and so on, but the most important thing for the Lakers is James.

Yang Feiyun: oil painting and sketch are one, sketch promotes oil painting and inspires oil painting

There is no dispute that Yang Feiyun is the leading figure in contemporary oil painting. As the president of the Oil Painting Institute of the Art Research Institute, Yang Feiyun’s influence and position in the field of painting are hardly comparable. Sketch and oil painting works have a high integrity. Sketch promotes oil painting, inspires oil painting and becomes a complete world. Yang Feiyun integrates his deep classical feelings in his creation, and his works exude inner flexibility and leap in simplicity and simplicity.

Yang Feiyun once said that sketch is the skeleton and foundation of painting. It is a way of directly pointing to the essence of things and the essence of painting, excluding the factors of representation.

Mei Mosheng, an art critic, said, “Yang Feiyun’s oil painting and his sketch are one. Sketch promotes oil painting, inspires oil painting, and becomes a complete world. Sketch almost became his art diary. Thick make-up, light wipe, line drawing and surface painting all showed a simple, accurate, gentle and delicate feeling. It is very touching like the light ink in Chinese painting and the landscape in Dong Qichang’s works. However, he is using pencil, charcoal pen and ball point pen. In the context, we can see the ethos of Western masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael and angel. In fact, his sketch is as simple and accurate as his personality, in which there is light, but not only showing the relationship between light and shade, among which the line, but not playing with fancy. What he draws is the structure of the ups and downs of the characters as well as the spatial feeling, vivid and calm, and full of practice, a school of atmosphere.

Kam Newton is expected to remain the first quarterback of the Carolina Panther

The Carolina Panthers are expected to continue to have cam Newton as their starting quarterback.

According to an insider, Ian Rapoport, a reporter from NFL television network, said the Panther plans to keep Newton, who has been the team’s starter for many years.

According to Rapoport, although Newton is making progress in recovering from his foot injury, it will take him several months to prepare for the game, which makes it more difficult to trade him out of the team.

Rapoport also said the team’s new manager, Matt Rhule, and members of the coaching staff were satisfied with Newton’s approach to injury recovery and his willingness to return to his best.

Newton has only played two regular season games since his foot was injured in the preseason last season. After months of delay, he underwent surgery in December. This foot injury is the last time he has been bothered by an injury. He has had shoulder surgery for two years in a row.

Although there will be a lot of changes in the coming months as the free agent market and draft approach, Newton’s stay is a reasonable decision for the Panthers. Having an experienced and healthy player as the starting quarterback is a good thing for the new manager to move to the NFL level.

Romean, see you again, strike and kill, Royal National History, eight innings, easy to cast

On April 22, the major league of professional baseball concluded 15 contests: Yankee 7-6 Royal, Orioles 3-4 double cities, Marlins 0-5 national, tigers 4-3 white socks, pirates 2-3 giant, ray 3-4 red socks, brewer 5-6 Dodge, bear 2-1 rattlesnake, Ranger 11-10 spaceman, rocky 4-1 Philadelphia man, angel 8-6 sailor, sportsman 4-5 Bluebird, priest 4-3 Redman, cardinal 6-4 metropolis, Indian 5-1 1 Warriors

The Yankees were easy to play at first, and by the time Gardner shot three pointers in the second half of the fifth inning, they were 5-0 ahead. However, the eighth inning of Yankee’s stable bullpen showed a situation. First, green put three people on the base, and he was replaced before he could catch one of his outs. Then, otavino, who was introduced by heavy gold during the off-season, went out to set fire and was knocked three long hits including two home runs. Yankee changed from 5-point lead to 1-point lag.

Fortunately, romean’s savior, in the second half of the eighth inning, timely hit back to Tuckman, got the equalizing score, and the two sides tied 6-6 to enter the extended game. In the tenth inning, there was romean again. There was someone on the second and third bases. He hit again. He returned to tacman Yankee to win 7-6 at home. Paxton failed to win in 6 innings with 12 strikeouts and zero points.

Yankee 4-point lead pitcher crash Angel 11 point super reversal

On the morning of April 25, the major league of American professional baseball ended a duel between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels. The Yankees took a 4-0 lead and then suddenly collapsed. The angels got 11 points in a row to turn it around. The final score was 5-11, and the Yankees lost on the road.

Data highlights

Angel starting pitcher Cahill was replaced in the fifth inning when he had a problem with the ball. The final record was 4 points lost in 4.0 innings. The only point lost by bullpen pitcher was Allen who had just been pulled out of the terminator position. The angels scored hits except for Goodwin, with Rastra and Calhoun hitting home runs.

The Yankees pitcher, general Tanaka, faced an era of 1.69 angels six times before the game, but today he was beaten twice and lost five points

Yankee starter general Tanaka dropped 5 points in 5.2 innings. In terms of strike, Voith has three hits in a single game, and lemeshu has two.

J. J. watt married his wife, kialia ohai

J. J.J. watt and Kealia ohai have found the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend: a wedding in the Bahamas.

On Saturday, Houston Texan defense end forward watt and Chicago red star soccer player Aohai formally tied up after nearly four years of love. They posted wedding photos on social media on Sunday. “The best day of life,” watt tweeted. There is no doubt. “

Watt and Brian Cushing, former teammates of oheyuwat, introduced each other. Cushing and ohai’s sister are husband and wife. Now Cushing is the Texas assistant fitness coach. Watt and ohai are engaged in May 2019.

Ohai was chosen by Houston in the 2014 women’s National Football League draft, but was traded to the Chicago red star in January. The 27 year old has made three appearances for the US national team.

A series of suspense rebirth after Hurricane 5-0 at home

On April 16, the NHL playoffs continued its third fight. The Carolina hurricane team, who is in PNC arena, beat the visiting defending champion Washington capital man 5-0, 1-2 behind.

Match point

Although the Washington capital won a 2-0 lead, the two home wins were not easy at all. In the first game, with a 3-0 lead in the first quarter, svechnikov almost followed the lightning in the third quarter. But the Second World War and the hurricane team attack, finally relies on olpice’s golden ball to win in extra time. The young players of the hurricane team have fully adapted to the atmosphere of the playoffs and found a way to contain the capital city people. In the Second World War, aho and Hamilton have been able to connect the attack of the team very well, and they have completely restricted the play of the capital’s number one star ovichkin in defense.

Competition review

Kuznetsov, beckstron and ovicikin were all saved by Hurricane keeper mlazek very early after the start of the first quarter. After that, the hurricane team took the lead in the game, and travanin and Hamilton frequently threatened the capital man’s goal. 9:43 hurricane team took the lead, Falk fired outside the blue line, Fogel scored in front of the goal, hurricane 1-0 ahead. After that, there was a conflict between ovichkin and his Russian younger brother, svichnikov. Ovichkin directly knocked svichnikov to the ground and injured him. However, the capital man couldn’t find the match state after the captain was punished in the fight, and only three shots were fired in the previous and next quarter. In the second quarter, 6:09, hurricane travanin’s unmarked Vogel scored in front of the wonderful pass. The latter scored easily against Holtby, and hurricane 2-0 was ahead. Four and a half points later, the hurricane seized the chance to strike, Hamilton middle road fired, hurricane 3-0 ahead. In the third quarter, 9:47 hurricane expanded the score, and Vogel continued to actively fight back from the floor wall to the trough area. Four defenders in the capital city grabbed the ball and passed it back to the blue line. Slaven ferried to Hamilton, who shot hard to score, leading hurricane 4-0. But the capital people only shot three times in the whole two periods from the fighting in ovichkin to the middle of the third quarter. In the third quarter, 15 minutes and 35 seconds, the hurricane team fought back after the midfield snatched. Mattinuk sent a wonderful cross in front of ovichkin. After receiving the ball, Mackin got a chance to score easily.

Mlb20 Day review: Trout’s single double ring 7 points, red man kills astronaut

On June 20, there are 16 competitions in the major league of American professional baseball. The details are as follows: giant 2-9 Dodge, Red Sox 9-4 twin cities, Marlin 1-2 cardinal, White Sox 3-7 bear, Indian 10-4 Ranger, metropolitan 2-7 warrior, angel 11-6 Bluebird, tiger 7-8 pirate, Royal 2-8 sailor, brewer 7-8 priest, ray 1-12 Yankee, Philadelphia 0-2 national, Philadelphia 2-6 national (make-up) , astronaut 2-3 Redman, oriole 3-8 sportsman, rocky 6-4 rattlesnake.

Ray 1-12 Yankee

Ray of light was swept by Yankees, and this game gave birth to an ignominious historical record: ray of light starter Snell is the first Cy Young Award winner in history to lose six points with only one out. After Snell recovered from injury, he was in a state of ups and downs, and this game ushered in a big explosion. He only solved one hitter, lost six points in two hits, and had four escorts without any three strikes, which ended miserably.

The pitcher’s collapse affected the playing line, and the hitters with a relatively low home base in the near future were even worse. Only three hits were hit in the whole court, relying on Tommy van’s shy 1 point, and the whole team swallowed 12 strikeouts.

Yankee starter CC Sabaya is the 14th player in history to win 250 pitches and strike three 3000 times in his career. Playing line is also hot, Sanchez and Torres got 4 points.

The host Zhang leizhai’s family draws oil paintings, looks more casual in dress and more endurable than the refined program!

Most people are still on vacation, so many people can do something they are interested in when they are free. For example, some people will read some books at home to improve their inner cultivation. Seeing the host Zhang Lei painting at home this time, we can see that the foundation of the painting is still quite good, and the dressing at home will certainly appear more casual. In fact, as long as you wear comfortable clothes, many people may wear sleeping clothes all day long at home. When Zhang Lei was on the show, the whole person’s shape became more delicate, and the photos were processed later, but I felt that the whole person at home would look more endurable.

The host Zhang leizhai’s family draws oil paintings, looks more casual in dress and more endurable than the refined program! The photos should be taken with the camera, so it will make people feel that the overall picture feeling is more harmonious, and the scenery taken will make people feel more clear, and the body is wearing a gray sweater, such a dress will indeed appear a little casual!

When you can see her overall painting, you will feel that the whole person’s movements are still quite skillful, and the patterns drawn on them are also colorful. Although the dress is relatively simple, the temperament is still there, and the makeup of the whole person at home is also relatively light. It will look more elegant, better than the pictures refined by the program Look at some.