New York Islanders: is nuke a blessing or a curse to the health of the civilian team

Let’s go back to June 21, 2018. Ramoliero, who just took office as the New York Islander, announced that Barry troz, head coach of the Stanley Cup, joined the team and became the new Islander manager. A few days later, at the draft convention, lamorello picked Oliver wahlstrom and Noah Dobson, holding two first round picks.

The operation of everything, and Matthew Barzel’s just won the best Rookie Award, seems to indicate that the islanders are gradually getting out of the trough and heading for success. However, a few days later, the door of the free market opened on July 1, and the islanders took the lead. Captain John Tavares broke his promise and signed an 8-year-old agreement with maple leaf. All the operations of the islanders may be in vain at the moment.

A year later, when we reexamine the mediocre New York Islanders, it seems that they are rising in a low-key way. Barry troz is in charge. In less than a year, the islanders have miraculously killed the metropolitan area of the death group without a nuclear weapon, which is close to the playoffs. Facing the defending champion Pittsburgh penguin in the first round of the playoffs, troz once again applied his iron policy, swept the opponent 4-0 and made it to the second round. In the face of the same black horse hurricane, although the final regret was swept by 0-4, looking back on the past year, the New York Islanders are undoubtedly successful.

One goal is the winner! Leonard’s six games 30 + East wedge

On January 22, 2020, the lone ranger lost 107-110 to the Clippers at home. Dongqiqi got 36 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, but lost the key free throw. Leonard got 36 points, 11 rebounds, hit the key ball and hit 30 + in six consecutive games. The last time Leonard had such performance was on January 22, 2017, when he was still in the Spurs, he hit 30 + in six consecutive games.

Lone Rangers were behind at half-time and didn’t attack very well, because they had a very bad performance at the beginning of the game. In the opening 11-0 shooting, they set an iron record for the start of a single game in the NBA this season. Of course, the Clippers are not much better. In the first five minutes of the game, the two teams made only one of 20 shots in total.

Leonard and dongqiqi seem to have made an agreement. In the half-time, the shooting rate is only about 30%. The atmosphere of the whole half-time is very dull. The Clippers played a wave in the second quarter. Shamet and Luwei became the main firepower of the team. The whole half of the match was like a fight between Dongqi and the Clippers. He was the only one in the team to score double. The best shot of the second section is Leonard’s direct performance of the 2 + 1 buckle in the counterattack, and the one who is blocked is Dongqi.

He learned by himself and drew a stream. The expert said frankly: Master level

In this article, we will introduce a Brazilian painter named Jorge Maciel George McGill. Jorge Maciel was not trained in a professional art school. In other words, his paintings were all self-taught. Jorge Maciel grew up in rural Brazil, and he loved his hometown since he was a child. Because the industrialization of the countryside is not so developed, many original resources and natural scenery have been preserved. Green mountains and rivers, flowers and weeds are all so beautiful. Jorge Maciel’s dream is to record the beautiful scenery of his hometown with a brush. The idea became more intense when he arrived in the big city. Because the high-rise buildings and traffic in the big cities make people’s life more convenient, but compared with their hometown, the big cities with bright lights are less quiet and elegant.

In order to let more people know the beauty of his hometown, Jorge Maciel picked up his brush and began to create.

The creation of oil painting has a high demand for color, and the most beautiful scenery in Jorge Maciel’s hometown is also the moving color. So color matching is the first skill Jorge Maciel needs to learn and master. In addition, oil painting on the level of landscape requirements are also very strict. Jorge Maciel’s hometown, at a glance, is full of green mountains and rivers. From a single perspective, it will be full of many beautiful sceneries. Therefore, the structural design and hierarchical rendering of the painting also put forward high requirements. Jorge Maciel visited many oil painters in order to make his works more fully express the scenery of his hometown. In this way, after years of accumulation, Jorge Maciel’s first oil painting came out. You may refer to the figure below.

Eagle hired Connor Baldwin as special assistant to general manager

Connor barwin will move from the front seven to the front.

On Friday, us time, the eagle officially announced that it would hire former defensive end forward Connor barwin as its special assistant to the general manager. Baldwin will “help the personnel department to find talents” and “focus on the development and cultivation of players”.

“I don’t play anymore, but my football career is not over,” Baldwin said. I want to continue to participate. I want to help the team as much as possible to learn the operation knowledge behind the game. There’s a lot I can learn on the court. I still want to win the super bowl, more than once. “

Baldwin spent 10 years in the NFL, four of which worked for the eagles. He has completed 466 tackles, 56.5 tackles and 6 forced throws in his career. Now he will help Howie Roseman continue to tap the eagles’ potential.