Red Bar Radio is a comedy radio show that is broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 5 pm CT using Ustream. Listen to four shows, that is how long it takes to decide if you love this show or not, seriously, this is funny, so try it out.

RBR is based out of Chicago and have been at this since 2003, and are getting good at it. Radio is a skill, and to do it right is hard, these guys have it down.

The RBR team got iron on stickers made, and we have an extra 25, I’ll send them out free to the first 25 that email a physical mailing address to redbar?AT


Seesmic is the Twitter of video. It makes sharing videos from your webcam type device easy fast and pretty close to real-time. If you like Twitter, social media and video try Seesmic.

The iron on stickers we made for them are produced using a combination of old and new technology, kind of like Seesmic. We printed the image on a durable clear vinyl substrate using a HP indigo press that uses the latest in digital printing technology. Once the sheets were printed we die-cut them using a traditional die-cut press that was built in the 1950s.

The end result combines the best of both worlds, old school crack and peel feel with a color accurate digitally printed 4-color process sticker.

I use Twhirl to manage my twitter stream on my computer. Twhirl is owned by Seesmic and is funded by Atomico, a venture group based in the UK that invests in disruptive technologies.

I am too young to remember the early days of Television, but I do like the vintage TVs that were built like fine furniture. Video has come a long way since then, Seesmic is an example of how humans like to watch.

If you like vintage TVs like the one in the image below, check out this one: Kevin’s Vintage TVs.