Zhuge Liang can’t be a soldier when he comes

Just before this season, whenever the Jazz fell behind, coach Schneider had to adjust. The first thing he emphasized was defense. That was the soul of jazz. But now it is the people who can attack. If you can’t prevent it, it doesn’t matter. Let’s attack each other.

Of course, I’m not saying that coach Schneider is not good. Coach, you have to make a proper play according to the lineup. It’s hard for a clever woman to cook without rice. Zhuge Liang can’t be a soldier when he comes.

In this era, if you want to attack, you have to have three points, especially against a team with a lot of reserves on the inside. The Jazz’s three points are really good this season, and all the data about the three points are among the top.

But their most important three-point point Bogdanovic was injured. When he was there, he had to make 7.3 three-point shots per field, with a shooting rate of 41.4%. Bogdanovic’s position in the Jazz can’t be replaced, and his reimbursement is like breaking the arm of the jazz.

If one arm is broken, we can only look at the other arm. Mitchell is bound to take on more offensive responsibilities of the team. Fortunately, no one in the Lakers can catch Mitchell, and the Jazz can break through a lot of points on the outside.

If the Lakers put too much force into Mitchell’s body, he broke in and then separated the ball. For example, Conley, Clarkson and ingers could break through the ball twice with the ball. At this time, the whole defense line of the Lakers was basically torn apart.

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