why Gordon wants to learn all kinds of things

Like the Rockets, like the Rockets, there are harden, who can add the third strong point. Actually, in terms of overall strength, they are better than some other teams. So we have to say Nader and Paul George, this year.

Joining the Clippers has done a good thing to the NBA. It’s really a good thing, ah, balancing the whole NBA, whether it’s in the West or the East, or the whole NBA, because Liang Dade and Paul joined the Clippers. Yes, it has reached the level in recent years. In recent 78 years, 56 years, 56 years, 78 years. One, the most balanced balance point, then, why the Rockets want to stay and why Gordon wants to learn all kinds of things. I think the anticipation that we discussed coincides with what we have discussed, because we have been saying that we have repeatedly stressed that the alliance is now. The so-called five little warriors of death, or the James heat, have given the League a wrong demonstration. Ah, I have always told my friends in the group of fans that this is a wrong demonstration. NBA basketball is always a high sport. Because we have said that if you want to have good results, you should aspire to go up and take your position in the front line. You must have the strength and ability to steal the mirror. Then, for the warriors at that time, because the warriors were the imaginary enemy of the whole league, then the Warriors with this set of lineup should also match Durant.

Guard is not strong enough, you are not able to compete with the warriors, but now warriors this imaginary enemy no longer exists, all teams are still playing, most teams are still playing death, five small teams can give the Rockets more space

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