Why can Chinese ice hockey team have Chinese origin?

  1. Tokyo’s strategy for preparing for the war is “precision drip irrigation”.

Interpretation – next ~ ~ in other words, the brand that should be taken must be taken, and the advantage project must be maintained. Don’t worry about the one who can’t, because

Limited funding~~

  1. Beijing Winter Olympic Games strives to “compete in the whole project” and win.

Read about it ~ ~ make full use of the privileges of the host, report all the projects and teams that can be reported, and don’t waste resources. The dew

The face of the face, we are happy.

There are so many events in the Winter Olympic Games. How can China participate in every event? Besides, it has to compete in style and level. What about that? Loan

Mobilization. If you can’t borrow it, you can introduce it. As long as the athletes have the nationality of the participating country, they can compete on behalf of that country. Our country doesn’t.

There are also many excellent athletes to compete on behalf of other countries.

And it’s not just the hockey team, it’s the other events~