Which account is the most cost-effective?

So. Maybe for some owners, the daily expenses of the club, the daily expenses, the air tickets, the accommodation, the travelling expenses, all of which will be reduced, but the reduction of the number of games also means less fans entering the sports. If there are no fans in the stadium, then how can they buy Uniforms and tickets? How can they consume these ancillary products? They don’t have time and no more opportunities. So I think this is just for the fans.

In the taking stage, there needs to be a big data support. However, we can calculate the team’s expenses, the league’s expenses, the income, the expenditure and the income. Which account is the most cost-effective? Is it to earn more by playing more or by playing less. This needs to be calculated, so now, just for discussion, I think it is a long process to put it into practice. Fans and friends need not worry too much about next year or 82 games, the year after that or 82 games until 2029. Away game, never waver

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