What’s the reason why the rocket is rubbed on the ground by the clipper?

Since the Rockets traded Capella for coventon, many people began to question the operation of the Rockets. The boss basically gave up the playoffs in order to save money. There’s no doubt I rejected that at the time, because I know what Covington can bring to the Rockets, and I know what Westbrook, who is in the middle of a crisis, needs. Of course, the trade of Capella is equivalent to the disguised sacrifice made by Hardon, which is also the sacrifice he made for his good brother Westbrook. After a short period of adjustment, Westbrook and harden will finally push the magic ball system of d’antony to the top.

Dun time, limiting Westbrook’s attack has become a problem for the whole league to consider. With Hardon, Westbrook, Covington, Tucker and house as the leaders, the five small deaths were invincible. They nearly killed the jazz, swept the Celtics, beat warriors and Grizzlies by 58 points, and captured the Lakers. This is the best witness. However, they lost in Westbrook’s almost inextricable single ability. The magic ball provided Westbrook with unprecedented extreme space. Then Westbrook’s crazy output in this system, he used his absolute talent to destroy the defense of the other side again and again.

The league’s DPOY Anthony Davis allowed Wesley to score 41 points, and Rudy gobel, the best defender in two consecutive years, allowed Russell Westbrook to score 34 points. Then the Celtic, who is famous for their hard work, let Wesley score 41 points. Yes, I was commenting on Westbrook at that time: the extreme space under weishao + magic ball = fight against Buddha.