What if the baseball rule changed to run clockwise?

There will be no change in the scene, which is equivalent to making a symmetrical reversal of the baseball game video you see now. The biggest change is that the mirror image reversal (from 3B SS 2B 1b to 1b 2B SS 3b) of 4 players in infield may have the following effects on players’ form:

  1. Pitcher: because left handers are less than right handers, left handers are less than right handers. The current rule has the advantage of watching first base for left handers. If the direction of running base is opposite, right handers are easier to watch first base. Then, base stealing will be greatly reduced based on the base number of right handers.
  2. Catcher: now, the catcher is almost all right-handed, because the body of the left hand catcher is slightly slightly to the right, you can clearly see the situation of base 1, and you can make a choice at the first time when the stealing base is started. If the base running direction is opposite, the catcher will become the main left-handed pitcher in the future.
  3. Infield player: 1b is not bad, but 23S is quite different. Now the two or three games are almost right-handed pitches, because after receiving the ball, you can pass to base 1 without turning in the opposite direction. If the base runs in the opposite direction, the two or three runs will all become left-handed pitches. 4. Fielder, there is no difference between China and foreign countries. The one who can run the most is you. There is a difference between the left and right fields. Now, the one with good passing strength will put the right field and the one with poor strength will put the left field. Because the left field is close to the third base. When facing the second base or the third base, the left fielder needs a little less passing distance than the right fielder when he needs to pass back to the third base or home base The worst defenders are usually 1b and LF If the base runs in the opposite direction, the players in the left and right fields should be able to exchange. But there’s almost no difference between a fielder’s left and right shots, which doesn’t matter.