Us: collison decides not to come back. Los Angeles Lakers recruit for Vitus

The Lakers have now won 16 consecutive games away from the West. After this game, the Lakers are 39-12, ranking first in the West. According to statistics, James has played double assists 34 times so far in the season, setting a record for double assists in a single season in his career. At the same time, the season to date, the league’s other players assists on the double most times for 19 times.

Although the game won, no one felt very happy, because they had nothing in the trading market before, and then they were defeated by Houston Rockets at their own home. Now they are entangled with the Golden State Warriors who are short of soldiers until the last moment. At the beginning of the season, Zhan Mei attacked, but the defending and systematic purple gold army could not see it. Instead, they are a loose team.

In addition, James’s poor competitive condition recently made the Los Angeles Lakers play very unsmooth; as we all know, over the years, all teams against LeBron’s team, there is only one defensive strategy, single defense. Lock LeBron’s teammates and let him play one game at a time.

Now LeBron has lost the ability to play one game and one outside. In the case of three points, the ability of single play is basically negative. This is also the last time that we saw many times. LeBron pulled the top of the arc to open the single play, a poor cross dribble, or raised his hand three points, the opponent fought back, and the Lakers stopped temporarily. Either pass the ball, teammates are killed early, or forced to shoot, or attack stagnation. The unorganized offensive means of playing are basically all by switching or pulling themselves back, the back has no stable hit rate, and the end of the basket drops more. No one in the team has the ability to break through except him, so palinka, who has just been promoted to vice president, hopes to get a holder.