These contracts are generally among the team

In the league, ah, three four general contracts, the first kind of small contract, this kind of small box, we divide this kind of small activities according to the value, which is a lot of, according to the salary matching, the principle you want to trade Paul, you have to have a lot of a big contract plus some scattered small contracts, you can’t find it from the heat. In this way, as long as the contracts of 40 million yuan can be directly matched, then you have to find a lot of small contracts to match. Ah, Paul’s contract of 40 million yuan is very difficult to grasp. The second one is more than 20 million yuan. These contracts are generally among the team, er, these players who occupy my position are not very easy to find.

About 10 million contracts have been launched, that is, the contracts are very flexible and easy to operate. The heat have a lot of contracts, so it is easier to match Paul in operation. The second point is that he is now, the heat team is also rescued in this way. This, Butler, ah, other players outside the main attack point have not made much contribution, these enterprises have nothing too big, or these players, its value is not big, its value is only reflected in the transaction value, today’s heat, ah, after the successful signing of Butler, ah, it came in by way of signing, right, so. Well, the other contracts don’t have much of this, so for Paul, it’s an equal exchange with Paul. The two teams are both, and the thunder team, after losing Paul, traded with Paul. After 20 games of losing Paul, they can also go. It’s bad, but they can go to the bottom of the league. It’s time to start a new team. Now, it’s a good time for Paul to bring a cruel thunder team to play in the playoffs. Ah, ranking is not high. For young players, these contracts don’t need to waste your next three years and five years. It’s necessary to have effective results.

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