The sexy and unrestrained Russian girl in the artist’s body oil painting

Russian artist Andrew Arturo Schenker

Born in 1965 in pokrovsk, Russia

In 1991, he entered St. Petersburg Art Institute, one of the most famous art schools in the world

Russian oil painting is rich in subject matter and expressive style, just like the ancient Russian national character. It is magnificent, dignified, gorgeous and unrestrained. Russian oil painting gives great passion to life, nature and ideal. Whether it’s portraits or natural landscapes or still life paintings, Russian oil paintings always inspire people’s mind and make people love a lively and beautiful life.

Andrew atroshenko’s human body oil paintings have high color saturation, clear strokes and vivid images. In the painter’s works, light and color are skillfully used, the characters and dancers have unlimited vitality, the picture is unrestrained, beautiful, romantic, passionate and dynamic, rich emotion and body are incisive and free, jumping on the cloth. Let’s appreciate the unique charm of the artist’s heavy color and exquisite oil paintings. The sexy girl in her paintings is modest, attractive, enthusiastic and open.