the same as that of James and Anthony Davis

For a long time, the same as that of James and Anthony Davis, although the combination also has competition, but their competitiveness is not long. The main reason is that as for the age of James, the Rockets are also the same. So let’s not talk about the warriors because Thomson will be possible in March next year. Pay so how the whole competitive state is, I don’t know now it’s too early to draw a conclusion, then the Western four should be, ah, regardless of the order, the Los Angeles Clippers, rockets, and, jazz, then the warriors can Thomson fire line return to have a good state. If, in some cases, the warriors are also a very competitive team, we should pay attention to it, mainly because of Thomson. If Thomson can play normally, the warriors still have a very competitive troika, which is very strong. Don’t underestimate it. Although its strength was lost to this year’s playoffs. The Raptors are fighting for their lives. As we said before, it is an inevitable trend for Leonard to leave the Raptors. Los Angeles, Shuangxiong, is ahead of the Raptors. Ah, at least in this point, we are not wrong. The Raptors have collapsed. We said that the Raptors will collapse next season.

Now, there are a lot of netizens who are still talking about it. It’s not easy. Ah, it’s not easy to discuss Paul George’s dissatisfaction. I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s just a matter of personal feelings to understand. Ah, there’s no need for business

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