The rocket was short on the inside

The reason for this is that the Rockets are short inside. Davis has to make waves under the basket in order to be worthy of his reputation. In the first game, he shot 14 times within the three-point line, and in the second game, 23 times. In the fourth quarter, the rocket’s physical fitness has been seriously reduced, not only the three-point ball is not accurate.

In addition, facing David stark, I can’t jump, and the key is that in the fourth quarter, the rocket’s three-point ball is not accurate. The same defensive strategy is also used to let them transfer the ball. The same three-point, the open space rocket is not allowed in the fourth quarter. There are only 12 kinds of two. In the first quarter, we can compare the rocket’s three-point ten to the second quarter 18.

In the third quarter, there were more amazing 13 kinds. Even a non allowed wechat merchant couldn’t help but throw three three-point balls when he encountered so many vacant opportunities in the fourth quarter, but none of them. Only one insisted on three no touch. Gordon and house did not see a game. They were troubled by food and fouls, so they were not allowed to shoot the third.

Since you were fouled by Rondo, you were successfully challenged by the Lakers, and Wei Shao was fouled for the fifth time. In fact, ah, he played very well in the first game, so we should not be absolutist in the same way as the fast food had two downturns on George. Alas, maybe he will learn from his pain in the next game and rebound strongly after playing this game, I think.

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