The League of Nations has won 8-3 victory over rattlesnake

On the morning of July 21, the major league of American professional baseball ended a contest between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers. With the continuous offensive of 892 sets, the brewers reversed and beat the Diamondbacks 8-3, taking the lead of 2-1 in the four games.

Data highlights

Rattlesnake starter grant ki missed just two points in seven innings and sent nine strikeouts, but bullpen pitcher jaffen got a three-point shot and ruined his good shot. In terms of strike, there are only 6 hits for rattlesnake in the whole game, and malter has contributed two hits for one player.

Brewer starter GIO Gonzalez left with 3 points lost in four innings. In terms of strike, yelic had 3 hits in a single game, Braun and jupu had 2 hits in a single game, mustacas and tems had only 1 hit in a single game, which was a home run.