The end of the play!

It’s not that it’s not at the senior level but because he is such a player. How to say, Dorothy is not suitable for any team in the league. He is not suitable for many teams. Well, only like the rocket, ah, and harden can match. Only the madman can understand. The communication between the madman, the madman and the madman does not need to sing love. Haden is also a madman, and the wechat businessman is also a madman. When two madmen are together, they may spark, just like Rondo and Ka.

But they can communicate with other people. They don’t understand their world. Ah, I think Wei Shao can choose a lot of other teams, such as Celtic team. She can choose Celtic team, Celtic team can also do it. It can be exchanged, father Hayward. Let’s trade it out, because the contract of Hayward is not of great value. The contract obtained is forged. The price difference of the contract is almost several million dollars, which can be matched with five grenades. Thank you, five. The first round in front of the finger is worthless, and the Celtics can’t go to the bottom of the league. Um, so he took the first round of all the money in the previous few years, which could not be valuable, and those who could exchange something would be added in the following years. Well, it’s not necessary to add a five round first round signing, right? To exchange, Westbrook, Celtic team is also good, and thunder is also good. You should know that now weishao, those teams that can be changed, have no chips, they should use all the money they should spend, and it is very difficult.

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