The capital’s general ranks 22nd in active service in the 1000th match

The avalanche started quite positively, but the first to break the situation was maple leaf, who scored two goals in more than one minute. But then the avalanche used a group of individual abilities to level the score. Soderberry scored a short handball to let avalanche lead into the third quarter. Although malna equalised in the last quarter, soderberry quickly regained the lead for avalanche. Maple leaves left the net behind, avalanche seized the opportunity to score two goals to kill the game, and the final score was set at 6-3.

Avalanche player thudberry scored his first hat trick of his career today and is the fourth player in the history of avalanche / northerner to complete a hat trick against maple leaf.

The two teams dedicated to the goal fight, the devil in the second quarter by Caine pulled into 1-1 after the fire, they scored 5 goals in about 10 minutes, the game directly lost suspense. Blackhawk recovered two goals at the end of the third quarter, but the devil still controlled the situation on the court after entering the third quarter. It was too late for Blackhawk to fight back. Coleman scored empty tennis in the third quarter, the two sides reached a 2-2 draw. The devil finally got a big win at home.

Black Hawk’s West brook scored his 100th goal of his career today.