Steady pioneer!

Let’s talk about the ball on the 15th. In the last program, we talked about the Pacers vs. the Celtics. There’s something that I forgot to mention. This program is just talking about it. Maybe for the teams at that time, ah, compared with the front four teams in the East and the top three teams in the East, the attack firepower of these teams was weak, which was mainly due to his good defensive habits or good defensive construction, which could achieve the current performance, including training. But this kind of performance, so he is a team that pays more attention to defense than attack. In other words, the attack firepower of the team emptied in front of the top four in the East is relatively poor in front of the top four in the East. Ah, it is relatively poor in front of the top four in the East. Therefore, I personally think that the advantage of the pacer is not obvious.

The Pacers are supposed to rely on defense to consolidate their position in the East. Now, when the Celtic team’s attack firepower is not strong enough, it’s a defensive battle. So the Celtics have the absolute advantage to sweep the Pacers 4-0. I don’t believe it. Let’s talk about the thunder team. For the trailblazers, this game is also very concerned. No matter it’s the secret of thunder, thunder black is very concerned. Durant fans hope that the thunder team can take a round of tour, right? Er, this thunder fan. Well, Paul George fans or the Laker fans also hope that thunder will sweep away the round of tournaments. In the end, Paul George will never have the possibility of the playoffs. In fact, the mind should be enlarged a little bit. The fans of the Lakers, the fans of James, the fans of Durant, right? It’s impossible to enlarge the mind a little

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