Sir Alex is basically locked in

It’s another thing, right? After education, we’ll see again. The Spurs have salary space, and they say they should cherish it. But I think the Spurs’ ability to operate big players is limited. This level doesn’t mean this level. This stinginess on money can be equivalent to Magic Johnson’s trade. The poor level is not willing to spend money, there is willing to spend money, this, er, the operation ability is poor, basically, so we say that the Spurs are definitely playing the playoffs, right? You see, so far, um, 36 years old.

This is my king’s team, 32 points and 31 points. Ah, it’s still behind the market. Ah, I can’t catch up with the intelligence quotient. The Wangwang team can’t catch up with it. If you want to follow, you can’t catch up with the clippers of 353636 liters this season. Well, Sir Alex is basically locked in. It’s very stable, very stable. Well, there are 20 games to go against four or four lengths. How to catch them? Unless there is a losing streak of five in a row, six in a row and eight in a row. Is it possible? It’s impossible. It was in February. And the schedule behind the seemingly good spurs is the best. I went to see the best

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