Rise in the coming year!

For the warriors, Kuri has a great historical position. The bonus can even co-exist with James. Ah, the double pride is not black and white. It’s a pity to lose this opportunity, because with Durant, you can look back and have a look. Your whole career has been successful, and that’s also a failure. Among these ordinary players, he is the best. But in front of these superstars, ah, too much, too much, too much. I always think so. So now these little fans, ah, I can clearly realize that there are always peaks and troughs, and there will always be a day when they will step down from the altar. We have been saying this all the time, right? Now it’s here to help you grow up, help you know, help you to be human, help you know that the sky is thick.

But I still hope that curry can play a few more seasons. Ah, I believe, ah, curry’s career should be completed at the same time as James’s, ah, this is a relatively normal phenomenon that can be expected. Then the only regret is that there is still regret that can be achieved. It may be, er, the three-point king of the three-point table. Input 22900 three-point points and wait for curry to break. Then this season can’t play. Next season, I’ll play two more seasons. I’ll finish the task in 1.3 seasons. I’m sorry to interrupt. In fact, many of the three-point records are not in Curie’s hands. You can take a look at it. With 400 three-point points in a single season and 2900 that may be touched, the three-point record has broken the human record. I think the other records are not in Curie’s hands. It’s hard to say that Curie is the history’s three-point king

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