Ray Allen is Glen Robinson

I remember the first record of the league. I remember that it was true that Garnett was also a successful transformation. Kassel was also a cruel character in those years. Before that, ah, he was equipped with ah Ray Allen, and Ray Allen was also a big three in bucks. Cassell, the name of Ray Allen is Glen Robinson. These three players are the players. Maybe many fans don’t know that they can’t reach a resonance, right? So we should tighten the position of modern basketball players and modern basketball players. So, including now the Laker’s James, alonzopol’s not playing, Rondo resting on the court, James Durant and James Ingram KUZ, the mahhardt family selling chickens. Who do you say plays point guard and who controls the ball. Right? It’s hard to say who plays the No.1 position, but you know him. He is the organization of small forward, right? Then your understanding of him is enough to organize small forward. Don’t stick to position. The concept of position is very vague.

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