MLB confirmed the first novel coronavirus pneumonia! Positive nucleic acid test for Yankee minor league players

Novel coronavirus Yankee novel coronavirus was positive in March 16th, Yang Kee, general manager Cashman announced. It is the first official Baseball Association in the world to officially announce the infection of the new coronavirus.

Under the health insurance privacy and Liability Act, the Yankees did not disclose the player’s identity, and kashman said the player’s condition was improving. “He’s still in isolation, but there are basically no symptoms, no fever, no fatigue,” he said in an interview

According to Cashman, the player reported to the team on Friday that he had a fever and was tired. The team doctor first took his temperature, then screened him for influenza and pharyngitis, but the test results for both diseases were negative. The team sent the novel coronavirus to Tampa general hospital for screening of new coronavirus. He became the first Yankee employee to detect coronavirus. I’m sorry to hear that he was positive on Saturday from his lab in Tallahassee, Florida.

“Because he’s young, he didn’t play in the first team,” kashman said. “We screened all the people at spring training base on Thursday, when he didn’t have any symptoms. What’s terrible is how he became infected, and who did he have close contact with during that time? He has now left the base and returned home, to be sure that he has little contact with major league players. The Hillsborough County Health Administration told us not to worry. “

What’s the reason why the rocket is rubbed on the ground by the clipper?

Since the Rockets traded Capella for coventon, many people began to question the operation of the Rockets. The boss basically gave up the playoffs in order to save money. There’s no doubt I rejected that at the time, because I know what Covington can bring to the Rockets, and I know what Westbrook, who is in the middle of a crisis, needs. Of course, the trade of Capella is equivalent to the disguised sacrifice made by Hardon, which is also the sacrifice he made for his good brother Westbrook. After a short period of adjustment, Westbrook and harden will finally push the magic ball system of d’antony to the top.

Dun time, limiting Westbrook’s attack has become a problem for the whole league to consider. With Hardon, Westbrook, Covington, Tucker and house as the leaders, the five small deaths were invincible. They nearly killed the jazz, swept the Celtics, beat warriors and Grizzlies by 58 points, and captured the Lakers. This is the best witness. However, they lost in Westbrook’s almost inextricable single ability. The magic ball provided Westbrook with unprecedented extreme space. Then Westbrook’s crazy output in this system, he used his absolute talent to destroy the defense of the other side again and again.

The league’s DPOY Anthony Davis allowed Wesley to score 41 points, and Rudy gobel, the best defender in two consecutive years, allowed Russell Westbrook to score 34 points. Then the Celtic, who is famous for their hard work, let Wesley score 41 points. Yes, I was commenting on Westbrook at that time: the extreme space under weishao + magic ball = fight against Buddha.

Lacking commercial value, NHL still refuses players to participate in the Winter Olympics

The NHL League is still reluctant to play at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In an audio program, the host discussed NHL players’ participation in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. NHL players want to take part in the Winter Olympics, but the League boss rejected the idea on the grounds that players are at risk of injury, lack of business interests and will interrupt the regular season.

Earlier, the International Olympic Committee and the International Ice Hockey Federation said in a meeting in New York that if NHL players can board the Winter Olympics, they will allow NHL to use the promotion rights of the Winter Olympics. They will also provide financial support to NHL players participating in the Winter Olympics, including financial subsidies for the Winter Olympics, player insurance, travel expenses, etc.

The capital’s general ranks 22nd in active service in the 1000th match

The avalanche started quite positively, but the first to break the situation was maple leaf, who scored two goals in more than one minute. But then the avalanche used a group of individual abilities to level the score. Soderberry scored a short handball to let avalanche lead into the third quarter. Although malna equalised in the last quarter, soderberry quickly regained the lead for avalanche. Maple leaves left the net behind, avalanche seized the opportunity to score two goals to kill the game, and the final score was set at 6-3.

Avalanche player thudberry scored his first hat trick of his career today and is the fourth player in the history of avalanche / northerner to complete a hat trick against maple leaf.

The two teams dedicated to the goal fight, the devil in the second quarter by Caine pulled into 1-1 after the fire, they scored 5 goals in about 10 minutes, the game directly lost suspense. Blackhawk recovered two goals at the end of the third quarter, but the devil still controlled the situation on the court after entering the third quarter. It was too late for Blackhawk to fight back. Coleman scored empty tennis in the third quarter, the two sides reached a 2-2 draw. The devil finally got a big win at home.

Black Hawk’s West brook scored his 100th goal of his career today.

Tandara announces his comeback again!

According to Brazilian media, tandala, who has suffered abdominal muscle injury, announced his comeback after 20 days of recuperation, and is expected to play in the away match with the league’s 10th place team, Valerius. As a substitute for the Brazilian women’s volleyball team, which won the London Olympic Games, tandala, 32, has been a substitute for veteran Sheila in his career. It’s hard to survive until Sheila retires after the Rio Olympics, but the Tokyo cycle in tandala is plagued by injuries, both physical and psychological.

Last season, tandara joined the Evergrande women’s volleyball team. Tandara, who left Brazil for the first time to play abroad, was injured accidentally. After returning home, he continued to play in recovery. This season, tandala plays for the Barcelona Super League club Cesc, which is currently ranked third in the league. At the beginning of the season, tandala collided with his opponent and broke his bridge of nose. After surgery, tandala with bridge protector is still active on the court.

“First NHL game, #2 is my grandson, 89 years young!”

That was written on the sign that Chad Ruhwedel’s grandma Mary Bovee was holding up at the glass during warmups ahead of the Penguins’ game against the San Jose Sharks on Saturday at SAP Center.

“Our daughter Evan is in Connecticut and she made that sign for Grandma to hold,” said Chad’s mom, Robin. “Because she just turned 89 last Sunday. So just being able to be here, she wanted her to have that sign.”

“She was all pumped about it,” Chad said with a smile. “I got a picture with her in warmups. That was pretty special for me.”

While Chad grew up in San Diego, Bovee and the rest of his extended family on Robin’s side are from Sacramento. With Chad spending his entire professional hockey career to this point out East – playing in the Buffalo Sabres organization before joining the Penguins in 2016 – Bovee hadn’t gotten a chance to see him play in the NHL until now.

“That was really special,” Ruhwedel said following the Penguins’ 5-0 loss. “It hasn’t worked out in recent years just with scheduling and everything like that. For her to get out here and see me play is pretty special.

“She hadn’t seen me play since I was a kid. Then maybe some in college, but that’s it. Not as a pro. So this was pretty cool.”

The rocket tough guy only got a base salary offer. Nine million in two years is too aggrieved. Let’s jump to the Lakers

Recently, the topic of extending the contract of rocket tough guy PJ Tucker continues to heat up. According to people familiar with the matter, the rocket team hopes to extend the contract of Tucker with a 2-year base salary of 9 million yuan, which immediately aroused hot discussion among the fans.

According to Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen, PJ Tucker hopes to renew his contract with the Rockets ahead of time. At present, the Rockets have turned Tucker’s contract for next season into full guarantee.

Tucker’s contract was signed in the summer of 2017, which is a four-year contract of US $31.88 million, of which the salary next season is US $7.97 million, but the guaranteed amount is only US $2.57 million, which means Tucker can get a full salary of US $7.97 million next year.

However, the Rockets want to sign Tucker with a base salary of 9 million yuan in two years, which is a bit of bullying. In this era of a billion yuan contract, Tucker’s value is far more than that, and in order to help the team strengthen, he also chose to reduce his salary, so the Rockets really need to make up for Tucker.

Many fans speculate that the reason why the Rockets reduced the price of Tucker is because of the excellent performance of Covington. Houston saw Tucker’s replacement, so they would even let Tucker go.

Is James going to kill his teammates? Data can explain everything!

On February 27, ESPN reporters reported on TV that Lakers forward LeBron James will miss tomorrow’s away game against warriors due to his left groin ache.

“Remember what you just said they’re going to play, they’re going to face the Golden State Warriors,” the reporter said. “It’s a night off for LeBron James. Now with machiv Morris, they can even let him replace LeBron and give LeBron more rest. All in all, it’s actually a night off. “

I can’t imagine that tomorrow’s rotation is James’s third absence from the game this season. It’s really not easy for a 35 year old. Last season, James injured his groin. Due to proper treatment, he didn’t make any more mistakes later. The Lakers can be at the top of the list this season, which is inseparable from the efforts of other Lakers players, such as offensive and defensive equipment Good Davis, like old and tough Howard, and so on, but the most important thing for the Lakers is James.

Yang Feiyun: oil painting and sketch are one, sketch promotes oil painting and inspires oil painting

There is no dispute that Yang Feiyun is the leading figure in contemporary oil painting. As the president of the Oil Painting Institute of the Art Research Institute, Yang Feiyun’s influence and position in the field of painting are hardly comparable. Sketch and oil painting works have a high integrity. Sketch promotes oil painting, inspires oil painting and becomes a complete world. Yang Feiyun integrates his deep classical feelings in his creation, and his works exude inner flexibility and leap in simplicity and simplicity.

Yang Feiyun once said that sketch is the skeleton and foundation of painting. It is a way of directly pointing to the essence of things and the essence of painting, excluding the factors of representation.

Mei Mosheng, an art critic, said, “Yang Feiyun’s oil painting and his sketch are one. Sketch promotes oil painting, inspires oil painting, and becomes a complete world. Sketch almost became his art diary. Thick make-up, light wipe, line drawing and surface painting all showed a simple, accurate, gentle and delicate feeling. It is very touching like the light ink in Chinese painting and the landscape in Dong Qichang’s works. However, he is using pencil, charcoal pen and ball point pen. In the context, we can see the ethos of Western masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael and angel. In fact, his sketch is as simple and accurate as his personality, in which there is light, but not only showing the relationship between light and shade, among which the line, but not playing with fancy. What he draws is the structure of the ups and downs of the characters as well as the spatial feeling, vivid and calm, and full of practice, a school of atmosphere.

Kam Newton is expected to remain the first quarterback of the Carolina Panther

The Carolina Panthers are expected to continue to have cam Newton as their starting quarterback.

According to an insider, Ian Rapoport, a reporter from NFL television network, said the Panther plans to keep Newton, who has been the team’s starter for many years.

According to Rapoport, although Newton is making progress in recovering from his foot injury, it will take him several months to prepare for the game, which makes it more difficult to trade him out of the team.

Rapoport also said the team’s new manager, Matt Rhule, and members of the coaching staff were satisfied with Newton’s approach to injury recovery and his willingness to return to his best.

Newton has only played two regular season games since his foot was injured in the preseason last season. After months of delay, he underwent surgery in December. This foot injury is the last time he has been bothered by an injury. He has had shoulder surgery for two years in a row.

Although there will be a lot of changes in the coming months as the free agent market and draft approach, Newton’s stay is a reasonable decision for the Panthers. Having an experienced and healthy player as the starting quarterback is a good thing for the new manager to move to the NFL level.