The rocket was short on the inside

The reason for this is that the Rockets are short inside. Davis has to make waves under the basket in order to be worthy of his reputation. In the first game, he shot 14 times within the three-point line, and in the second game, 23 times. In the fourth quarter, the rocket’s physical fitness has been seriously reduced, not only the three-point ball is not accurate.

In addition, facing David stark, I can’t jump, and the key is that in the fourth quarter, the rocket’s three-point ball is not accurate. The same defensive strategy is also used to let them transfer the ball. The same three-point, the open space rocket is not allowed in the fourth quarter. There are only 12 kinds of two. In the first quarter, we can compare the rocket’s three-point ten to the second quarter 18.

In the third quarter, there were more amazing 13 kinds. Even a non allowed wechat merchant couldn’t help but throw three three-point balls when he encountered so many vacant opportunities in the fourth quarter, but none of them. Only one insisted on three no touch. Gordon and house did not see a game. They were troubled by food and fouls, so they were not allowed to shoot the third.

Since you were fouled by Rondo, you were successfully challenged by the Lakers, and Wei Shao was fouled for the fifth time. In fact, ah, he played very well in the first game, so we should not be absolutist in the same way as the fast food had two downturns on George. Alas, maybe he will learn from his pain in the next game and rebound strongly after playing this game, I think.

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Let McGee play with an injury or at Davis

Looking back on the game, we can see that the Lakers who won the second game still made some adjustments, mainly aiming at the Rockets’ 22-3-point shots and 53 shots in the last game, and the utilization rate of center McKee. In fact, the last game, the Lakers have given up Howard’s war, let McKee play with injury or hope to be in Davis.

As we all know, Davis doesn’t like to play No. 5, but in fact, the highest center of the Rockets is just Jeff Green, who is 2.03 meters tall. Ah, there is no big difference between Davis typing and playing five. When McKee was in front of small town Rong, he only needed to protect the basket.

Don’t always ask for it. The joint defense station is on the outside line. I listed it here. It was when he was in the first quarter of more than seven minutes and 50 seconds. It was the rocket team Gordon when he made a strong breakthrough. If this was measured, the chicken was sold. It was the first foreign risk because of the joint defense. The result was in Gordon.

When he broke through, he instinctively liked to go to the basket. In fact, there was James inside, and he was guarding there. As a result, it was revealed that he was an alien. After seven minutes of playing in the first quarter, McGee played seven minutes, and his rebounds and blocks were all zero. There was only one mistake and one foul in the second half.

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The rocket is no longer the original rocket

If you still come this way next year, as usual, it’s almost the same time. It’s definitely not the way to leave in this way. It’s the only way that d’antony can trust his boss to prove that he’s still working. But even if you get rid of the old man, you can’t prove that I want money.

He left a dead end that no one could move, and the Rockets were not the same rockets. Yao Ming gave a speech when he retired his jersey and shared a story with the audience. It was his first lunar new year in the United States. The players cheated him into the dressing room, so they gave him a red envelope.

How much money is in it? When you open it, there are only two yuan. He joked, anyway, put a ten yuan bill. Then Yao Ming said with emotion that this two yuan bill has been in my pocket all the time. From then on, he never left me, because I know that no matter where I go, as long as this bill is still in my pocket.

Like never leaving home, the world is not eternal. Now, even the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, which he often goes to, has been closed. The rocket, once the second home in Yao Ming’s heart, is getting farther and farther away from us.

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Running back and forth on the baseline results in smart

Cross running confused Duncan and Robinson. Because he was defending, two people suddenly appeared in his defense area, so he hesitated to chase. After class, he didn’t expect that jerun Brown would be emptied and cut directly to the basket. So, there are many ways to smash Duncan and Robinson defense, which can be summed up as a breakthrough of three points.

A lot of our fans are still stuck in breaking the joint defense and must have the free throw line. In fact, this is only one of the important ways to break through the European style joint defense. The ability of NBA players, ha, is the main way to break through and three points. But I think whether it is European style or American style, there must be some people but no need for them As for the shortstop’s baseline, Jishou’s ability to break the joint defense is a key point. I’m explaining that Guangdong team emphasized this game when they played. Ye Zixuan gave a live demonstration, which also saved me from doing my own motion map. Compared with their, my eyes are all manual work.

It’s not so delicate. This, the ball, is, Matt is standing at the top of the arc, and then it’s grant Williams at the bottom line. When there are several united defense songs of the heat, and the formation attention is on the line, then, they don’t have a person to pay attention to that grant Williams running back and forth in the baseline, and the result is smart.

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The future of nuggets is clear.

He had two fouls in the first quarter. From the second quarter to 9:32, he got the third point. In the first half, he played only eight minutes. In the third quarter, he held on for nearly 10 minutes. At two minutes and 20 seconds, there was a fourth point. In the first three quarters, he only played 18 minutes. He wrote about it after the first game of nuggets in the last race, especially two fouls in four games.

Next, he won three battles and two wins. Because of this problem, he was hard to help the Nuggets overturn. So Coach Malone didn’t want to change it when he got the fifth foul on Howard’s layup in the last 4 minutes and 50 seconds. Murray was cut to pieces in battle time.

They are like the positive and negative sides of the battery. They must be connected to each other in order to maximize their effectiveness. The Lakers boldly and boldly put Murray in the first half and scored only eight points in 19 minutes in the first half. If not, baud, pramley, montemoris, dorcher and other substitutes would be on the back of the score.

The half-time gap may be far more than 10. In the end, Murray played 43 minutes, only 19 points and 4 points, and no one hit three points. But the Nuggets also had gains. When the two cores couldn’t connect, the front gave ram grant 20 points. Although he was out 1-4 in the end, the future layout of nuggets is clear.

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Rockets played in those days

The other side has this kind of wind, and those rockets will not be able to go up to the situation, we have to play small to small in the case of outside line standard, right, is to attack. In this way, the inside line must have been, exploded by okafu. What else is going on? Of course, this is also virtuous, Qi ah is also a good wife. Er, there is no such a complete and reasonable team as the warriors. The rocket team’s lineup is unreasonable, unreasonable and single. For example, that’s what you do. Coach, you know what you’re doing. In those days, when we were on the Suns, it was unreasonable for the suns. Stoudemire played center. It was unreasonable. Later, he changed. Well, some camp people, come to life, some cosmetics, and then.

Don’t talk about the position, what lineup the Rockets played in those days, whether the sadmar war was right, cedman, Nash, rajabel, Barbour, SA, ah, Marion, er, diodiodior were necessary. That’s your warriors office. Maria won’t say much. It’s almost the same

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James plays his own tactics

We have to deal with the team’s problems, ah, deal with the ball, the critical moment, but the final moment is the last one, right? There are always fatal black spots. The ability to deal with the ball is not good. Third, James, the initiator, is it right. Well, boshwead’s thighs, Zuowen’s and Loew’s thighs, er, start-up, huddle up, pioneer, ah, don’t you want to win the championship, right? The fourth one is, ignore the coach, right, fire the coach, and so on. Anyway, the coach’s tactics are useless to him. James plays his own tactics. Right? Well, we can go back to Jiamusi fans. We can go to Jiamusi fans. We can come to you as many as you can. You can come as many as you have. Right? As long as you are right, we will open this program. We will start to open a column for you.

You think it’s interesting. I think it’s right, right? Lower it, James. It’s just that he can’t make his teammates change. Right? He’s always strong. Yes, pig’s right. You’re right. Is there a problem? What’s the problem? What’s the problem? Let’s let the team-mates improve. Right? This is his job.

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Celtic to win the championship

Hayward’s contract is now directly related to Celtic’s future fate, which is the biggest stumbling block for Celtic to win the championship. Other teams are divided into three giants and four giants, and even, no spoiler. But Celtic team has the negative equity of Haiwu to reach the championship. The possibility of winning the championship is reduced to the lowest. I personally think that if we want to win Kelly Owen and Anthony Davis, we can win the championship. The important thing is to, envy, the overseas contract should be cleaned up first. It costs so much, costs, and so many draft rights to trade. Anthony Davis can’t package one or two draft rights, and get the explanation of this contract.

Now, there are many ways to exchange mark Gasol. Mark Gasol’s contract is very big, and it’s too late. Therefore, his transaction value has been very low, so the transaction value of jiashangward is also very low. Exchange for each other to achieve a perfect fit, because Heywood in the Celtic team has almost no sense of the ball, ah, only can play a substitute this ability, also need to play hard, this attempt has the effect of bringing back the dead, but in fact. The effect, very, very, limited, mark Gasol for the Celtic team can immediately solve the embarrassing situation of being a father and a mother. It’s a good deal. I think that’s why we haven’t got it yet.

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Phil Jackson can lead

The following is the NBA experience. How can you lead these teams? How can you represent them. It’s not a professional background, right? Well, without years of baptism, ah, it’s hard to be persuasive. Once the record goes down and the record is not good, it will be questioned and criticized by the players. Ah, for example, you are the champion coach, the meritorious coach, the protagonist. The cardinal, the blue bishop, the Yellow bishop, the black bishop, well, you can hold down this situation, right? You said I took Michael Jordan, didn’t you? Michael Jordan, all my disciples, right? Er, a little bit of Beasley and mai.

Since, you have no right to speak, ah, as for my authoritative position, don’t you dare, right? So, like you, some players can only be taught by some coaches, right? Like Kobe, only Phil Jackson can lead, move, ah, there will be conflicts between them. Right, Phil Jackson has been with Kobe for a while. He also publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Kobe when he raped him, which was either criticism or self blame. So, I think, well, we all said before, wonton, the possibility of dismissing Walton is not small. 58%50%

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Spurs big for small?

We have done a little bit more in the past two days. There are frequent transactions. We report these transactions for the first time. We analyze our analysis at the first time, which will definitely satisfy you. Because more than 95% of the programs are absolutely correct, they can be fulfilled. Ah, you can listen to our program. Ah, we media don’t want to see it. It’s rubbish. It’s eye-catching deception, click volume and eyeball deception. Ah, you can tell me something about the Spurs. Some netizens of the Spurs have raised the issue of this season and this mid-term transfer of the Spurs. That’s what I said. You don’t have to think about it. The Spurs are eating leftovers, which is fried cold rice. It’s the old money. You see, now, there is a discussion about changing families. There is no need to discuss everyone. This contract was signed in the first two years.

This, year, seems to be what I remember. Yes, part of the protection means that the contract is more than 10 million yuan. If you dismantle or don’t use it, you will only be paid a fifty-six hundred and ten million yuan. I remember that is the case. So the Spurs themselves have no long-term plan for us.

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