One of the problems of Owen’s

This, control board ability, organization, ability, defense, ability is, there is no way to survive in the league, but Rubio can now stand firm, the Suns can add all the time, and I personally think that there is no big problem with him. This is the way he plays. I will ask a question later about the type of player who can’t. One of the problems of Owen’s players is, ah, at the end of this program, there will be no big problems in these three positions. If the record is not good or the team happens, er, the record decline can’t play in the playoffs, and the situation is getting worse, I think the front line will still have.

The main responsibility is that the Suns played against the 76ers. Now, let’s talk about Owen’s question. Ah, it’s not in the media, but in our small group. He actually talked about it two years ago. But at that time, it didn’t show up. Now we put this problem, ah, as early as more than ten years ago, this problem has been plagued. Some of us, fans and friends, ah, the good problem is that we can become a team, especially for some weak teams. Super score, break-up, and is the only super team, score, break-up will have a bad impact on a team’s long-term planning, the team built for this player will be more difficult.

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