Nursing Student Bar Crawl T Shirt Slogans iron on transfers

Nursing Student Bar Crawl T Shirt Slogans

You knocked clinicals, classes, and exams out of the park and your blood pressure is finally back to a nice 120/80, which means it’s time to celebrate, RN!

Now that your vitals have stabilized, let’s leave the scrubs at home. Get your crew of nurses together for a bar crawl to kick off a semester’s worth of hard work! Better yet, design a custom t-shirt with one of these slogans iron on transfer that honor those exhausting late-night shifts and last-minute cramming.
Nursing Student Bar Crawl Slogans

Buy me a drink! I RNed it!


I drink because I’m a nursing student, what’s your excuse?

Ask me what I know about blood, sweat, & tears
(No really, I’m a nursing student)

Straight Outta Night Shift

Why walk when you can crawl?

Also available in sober, stressed out, nursing student.

For those days when student nurse life calls for something stronger than coffee, we get to crawlin’!

Quick, somebody check my vitals!

It takes heart!