New York Islanders: is nuke a blessing or a curse to the health of the civilian team

Let’s go back to June 21, 2018. Ramoliero, who just took office as the New York Islander, announced that Barry troz, head coach of the Stanley Cup, joined the team and became the new Islander manager. A few days later, at the draft convention, lamorello picked Oliver wahlstrom and Noah Dobson, holding two first round picks.

The operation of everything, and Matthew Barzel’s just won the best Rookie Award, seems to indicate that the islanders are gradually getting out of the trough and heading for success. However, a few days later, the door of the free market opened on July 1, and the islanders took the lead. Captain John Tavares broke his promise and signed an 8-year-old agreement with maple leaf. All the operations of the islanders may be in vain at the moment.

A year later, when we reexamine the mediocre New York Islanders, it seems that they are rising in a low-key way. Barry troz is in charge. In less than a year, the islanders have miraculously killed the metropolitan area of the death group without a nuclear weapon, which is close to the playoffs. Facing the defending champion Pittsburgh penguin in the first round of the playoffs, troz once again applied his iron policy, swept the opponent 4-0 and made it to the second round. In the face of the same black horse hurricane, although the final regret was swept by 0-4, looking back on the past year, the New York Islanders are undoubtedly successful.