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When we talk about ratings, you should first know what ratings are, and then you need to know whether their statistics are in the United States or worldwide. Thank you for making sure that these two sports are about to talk about your high ratings. How much coverage is the most important thing. For example, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has high ratings. How much coverage is it? How much coverage does it have? I told you that I can give it to you at any cost. Because so many countries participate in so many countries, and those poor countries, how much money do you sell to calculate the broadcasting rights can also be regarded as losing.

It’s very good that African countries can participate in the war. You can say that they are 250 million, 350 million, 1 billion and 8 billion, which is more or less appropriate. So basically, they will give them to you, and you will strip them. It is very normal for them to have high ratings, but as professional boxing. Professional basketball is generally not enough to be measured by this, er, this standard. At that time, ah, in 1996, 97, 98, when we started to watch the ball, we said that we said today that NBA games were all split up for you to see. The boxing championship was held at noon on Sunday. Even if it was sports news, it was called split bill of lading. It was a bit forgotten. If the memory is not so good, you can’t take it down. You know, the boxing championship can’t be interrupted. The NBA game is in the front. It’s all rounder. It’s over

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