Mlb20 Day review: Trout’s single double ring 7 points, red man kills astronaut

On June 20, there are 16 competitions in the major league of American professional baseball. The details are as follows: giant 2-9 Dodge, Red Sox 9-4 twin cities, Marlin 1-2 cardinal, White Sox 3-7 bear, Indian 10-4 Ranger, metropolitan 2-7 warrior, angel 11-6 Bluebird, tiger 7-8 pirate, Royal 2-8 sailor, brewer 7-8 priest, ray 1-12 Yankee, Philadelphia 0-2 national, Philadelphia 2-6 national (make-up) , astronaut 2-3 Redman, oriole 3-8 sportsman, rocky 6-4 rattlesnake.

Ray 1-12 Yankee

Ray of light was swept by Yankees, and this game gave birth to an ignominious historical record: ray of light starter Snell is the first Cy Young Award winner in history to lose six points with only one out. After Snell recovered from injury, he was in a state of ups and downs, and this game ushered in a big explosion. He only solved one hitter, lost six points in two hits, and had four escorts without any three strikes, which ended miserably.

The pitcher’s collapse affected the playing line, and the hitters with a relatively low home base in the near future were even worse. Only three hits were hit in the whole court, relying on Tommy van’s shy 1 point, and the whole team swallowed 12 strikeouts.

Yankee starter CC Sabaya is the 14th player in history to win 250 pitches and strike three 3000 times in his career. Playing line is also hot, Sanchez and Torres got 4 points.