MLB confirmed the first novel coronavirus pneumonia! Positive nucleic acid test for Yankee minor league players

Novel coronavirus Yankee novel coronavirus was positive in March 16th, Yang Kee, general manager Cashman announced. It is the first official Baseball Association in the world to officially announce the infection of the new coronavirus.

Under the health insurance privacy and Liability Act, the Yankees did not disclose the player’s identity, and kashman said the player’s condition was improving. “He’s still in isolation, but there are basically no symptoms, no fever, no fatigue,” he said in an interview

According to Cashman, the player reported to the team on Friday that he had a fever and was tired. The team doctor first took his temperature, then screened him for influenza and pharyngitis, but the test results for both diseases were negative. The team sent the novel coronavirus to Tampa general hospital for screening of new coronavirus. He became the first Yankee employee to detect coronavirus. I’m sorry to hear that he was positive on Saturday from his lab in Tallahassee, Florida.

“Because he’s young, he didn’t play in the first team,” kashman said. “We screened all the people at spring training base on Thursday, when he didn’t have any symptoms. What’s terrible is how he became infected, and who did he have close contact with during that time? He has now left the base and returned home, to be sure that he has little contact with major league players. The Hillsborough County Health Administration told us not to worry. “