McLean says it’s like a tiger coming out of the cage

But the change of the ro But the role change is related le is related. Mikron said it was like a tiger out of the cage I have been waiting for a long time. Indeed, as mclem said, he seems to have been in a state of silence in the past two seasons. In fact, Michael, who just entered the league, has been a psychological quality.

The players with mature playing skills are just like everyone thinks he joined and is in the future of the pioneer. Michael has been absent for six weeks in the rookie season because of foot injury. Such goods have brought great influence on mclem and he is the team after he is injured.

Being put on the team, the Development League of subordinate is how unfair treatment it is for a top 10 top players, and what’s more, self-esteem and strong. Mike love won’t be able to usher in his first show in NBA until November 2014.

He felt that he had been exhausted but was once again isolated from the team’s tactical system by the manager. Because the team mainly depended on the first five tigers, support, mclemo had a skill but no place to use, and then in the rotation of Michael Jackson pioneers.

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