Let McGee play with an injury or at Davis

Looking back on the game, we can see that the Lakers who won the second game still made some adjustments, mainly aiming at the Rockets’ 22-3-point shots and 53 shots in the last game, and the utilization rate of center McKee. In fact, the last game, the Lakers have given up Howard’s war, let McKee play with injury or hope to be in Davis.

As we all know, Davis doesn’t like to play No. 5, but in fact, the highest center of the Rockets is just Jeff Green, who is 2.03 meters tall. Ah, there is no big difference between Davis typing and playing five. When McKee was in front of small town Rong, he only needed to protect the basket.

Don’t always ask for it. The joint defense station is on the outside line. I listed it here. It was when he was in the first quarter of more than seven minutes and 50 seconds. It was the rocket team Gordon when he made a strong breakthrough. If this was measured, the chicken was sold. It was the first foreign risk because of the joint defense. The result was in Gordon.

When he broke through, he instinctively liked to go to the basket. In fact, there was James inside, and he was guarding there. As a result, it was revealed that he was an alien. After seven minutes of playing in the first quarter, McGee played seven minutes, and his rebounds and blocks were all zero. There was only one mistake and one foul in the second half.

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