Leonard Durant is a general

These, the ability of the players, are all because of the ability of point guard harden and Paul, so improve, but every individual, take it out, in other teams, in other teams can not mix up what kind of situation, you, like Ariza, the same regional network, how the wizards can play what level? That’s all. So point guards, we have always said that a team can be promoted, and everyone in a team can be promoted. A good point guard can focus and quantify the abilities of all the players. Like James, ah, just now, we discussed the difference between James and Leonard and Durant in the group. It is very simple.

This is a handsome talent. Leonard Durant is a general. I’m sorry to interrupt. There are many things, ah, so a player like James is a handsome talent. It can improve the ability of every player, ah, Durant and Liang. It’s always generals. Generals can fight against each other, but they have a weak ability to control the overall situation and preside over the overall situation. In analogy with players like James, so Paul is also like this, that is to say, we say it is to divide the type of ball, not to say that Paul is better than Durant than Leonard. For such a player, he controls the ball on the control panel. Therefore, the improvement of other players’ ability in the team is directly related to him. If the point guard of a team is not good, this team unless there are super stars and stars, unless you have a good tactical system, otherwise you can’t play well in this team. Why, the Suns have been looking for a good point guard this year, right? It’s hard to find a good point guard, because the team is strong and strong, and all the players in all positions are well equipped, which is worse than a good point guard.

After the playoffs, we are on the road to rejuvenation

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