Jordan chose him as his successor

Good evening, dear friends. In this program, it’s the NBA star introduced by zero one. It’s Tracy McGrady’s idol. He was once appointed by Jordan as his successor. His name is anfenni hadawi. People in NBA League like to call him academician. McGrady likes to play baseball since he was a child.

Even after he retired from the stadium, he still ran to be a baseball player. But the reason why he chose to devote his youth to basketball was because of the birth of a talented Penny Hardaway. T-Mac began to fall in love with basketball crazily. From then on, he began his own basketball journey. Different from T-Mac’s half career, Hardaway loved playing basketball from morning to night.

Gradually, Hardaway attracted the attention of scouts, and its first brilliant moment finally came in college. Because of his excellent performance in college, he was selected into the national selection team of the United States, and beat the invincible dream team in a training class. You also told me about a game. After his junior year, he chose to take part in the draft. After the third place was selected, he was immediately traded to magic and O’Neill to hold up the magic. The legend of heart opened.

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