It’s more than half the number one Jabbar in history

That’s more than half of what Jabbar, the No. 1 player in history, has seen for some time that the most aggressive Kobe Bryant of the current players is being dragged down by injuries to catch up with the record.

But not the current total assists, the total assists is 5535, ranking 41st in NBA history, sixth in the list of players in the letter, distance ranked 38 in history, Michael Jordan, 56005633, only 9098.

His current total rebounds is 5793, ranking the first 163 times in NBA history. However, compared with other small forwards, his rebounds are very high compared with other small forwards. Don’t forget that he still has four MVP awards.

What more achievements can James achieve? Especially for the unprecedented reasons. Part of the reason is that he entered the League very early. He was in 6877 days.

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