It is unrealistic to lock Isaiah Thomas in this whole series

I insisted on his infinite turn, so that he couldn’t find the rhythm of the game he was used to, and he couldn’t get a chance to easily shoot through the screen or cutting. But there is no doubt that it is unrealistic to lock up Isaiah Thomas in this whole series of games by such a method.

Cough Thomas, known as the surface, the strongest 175 is not simply because of her outstanding skills or skills, or for these, the most important thing is its high basketball IQ. In the last four games, his attack may not be more efficient than the first two games, but he has done more in controlling mistakes and connecting teams.

When he fell asleep, he delivered more assists, stronger and less forced carry team, but the team was better. In the third game, he guided the whole process, with only 38% of the shooting rate of 16 points, and the team won 17 points with 9 assists and 2 turnovers. This is the series. And as he has to be clear to everyone, Celtic’s strength does not necessarily depend on how many points he has achieved, but as a team’s strength.

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