India New Delhi Pet Products Fair

IIPTF is one of the largest and most influential pet exhibitions in India, and even the most influential and exciting event in the pet industry in Asia.

The exhibition was held by IIPTF, a pet products exhibition in New Delhi, India. The purpose of the exhibition is to increase the communication and emotional training between pets and owners, so that pet lovers can learn how to care for pets, create an interactive entertainment platform for them, and promote the formation of their positive attitude and basic understanding of animal quality. The exhibition is held annually in New Delhi, India.

Scope of exhibits

Pet food: fish feed, cat and dog food, bird feed, animal vitamin and mineral supplies

Cat and dog: pet toys, dog chewing gum, beauty and medical supplies

Terrestrial animals: all kinds of reptile and amphibious pets and their feeding equipment, cages, exotic pets

Huachi pets: fish, aquatic plants, decoration, feeding equipment, aquarium supplies and facilities

Pets: pet beauty products and facilities, packaging materials, packaging and decorations, pet related gifts, pet magazines and related reading materials, etc