In front of the Celtic team

Hofford is to play with cleverness, your enbid is to suffer losses without experience, the playoff experience is also, comparison, shallow right, but as its owner, this is the heart, the pillar, he is the advantage point, must play even if you eat now. Thanks to you, playing 40% and 50% of the hit rate is actually not much change for the game. Four out of ten and ten out of ten means that even if you make 20 shots, 8 out of 20 and 20 kinds in each game, the two balls can be found in any round, which is the NBA.

In front of the Celtic team, create, kill, and your advantage points. If, not on the field, if your advantage points can not play a role in restraining, you will have lost half of the first, so to say, the 76ers, whether they play well or not, will be in Changsha, which is absolutely not allowed to use, this is a tactical point. So, for this kind of team with inside line, er, this nuclear weapon, it must start from those who play. 100% of it starts from that. In the case of fierce inside line and advantage, the outside players can work hard and work hard. Then, if ambid. Later, when the game was not good, the game was very difficult, and the people who went to it were right. So we had to start from this fundamental point. Ah, the core of the team must be the absolute core of the NBA. There is no doubt about it. Therefore, it is still technical to play in the playoffs, and then to the end after the playoffs

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