Iguodala can’t let go

Warriors, grizzlies, Curie godala Morant, Dillon Brooks, a special program is also a hot topic nowadays. I believe everyone has watched it. If there is something wrong, I hope you can point it out to me. What? The incident is now about what is the cause of the door-to-door relationship between curry and Morant, mainly due to a Dalang. The Grizzlies’ contradiction, we know that in the summer of this year, last summer, the warriors sent a Dallas to the Grizzlies. At that time, Grizzlies and igdala had a verbal agreement. If I remember correctly, you can also read the materials.

Not long ago, the Grizzlies and igordala had a verbal agreement, that is, the Grizzlies, silent. Before the trade deadline, before February 7, igudara doesn’t need to play for the Grizzlies, so they don’t need to play games, but they can. It’s home. You can train at home. At that time, because of the trade now, the deadline is approaching. The Grizzlies are eager to get a Dalla. Before, igordala’s price was the first round. If you have the first round, let’s talk about it. Don’t touch a fight in the first round, but we know, er, this is impossible to achieve, grizzlies, that is, a bid price. You can come to talk about it. This is a bid price, not a real price. Therefore, as the deadline for trading is approaching slowly, the Grizzlies have released their expectations. In other words, we don’t need it now. We can also talk about the first round of signing. Then, the value of Dalai is reflected. There are also many teams who cast olive branches. Ah, they are in favor of a waxing team. As we all know before, a Dalang player clearly indicates that he needs to join in, a champion team, and a team that can compete for the championship team