If there is no family, coach or teammate, what can I talk about my dream?

Vernon Fiddler released a retirement letter in the players’ stands, in which he mainly expressed his thanks to his family, coach and teammates, fans and everyone who had helped and supported him. No one can succeed casually. Vernon Fiddler is grateful and has completed the curtain call of his career.

At the beginning, I couldn’t believe the news. A box of cereal on my cabinet is printed with No. 99 on it. How can he leave? He’s definitely there.

Ice hockey is all for me. My home is in the middle of a road, which is a dead end. I play hockey all summer. Every winter, in order to be able to play hockey on the first day of the ice rink, I would start to pester my parents to sign me up in the first two weeks of the registration day. My parents always support me to do anything, including my brother hoakey and sister Bobbi. They taught me to work hard, to give and to support a family on my own. I can become an upright person, can become an ice hockey player, can not do without their devotion to me.

When I was a child, I didn’t know how much my mother had sacrificed because of my dream. She always took pains to send me to play ice hockey. This love will always be treasured in my heart. My father is a man of positive energy. For him, every game I play is great. I think my growth can not be separated from his constant encouragement.