How’s the baseball orphan sleeping with the knife?

Abstract: parents died, were sold by their families, were extremely poor, and fought They are very similar to the wild children abandoned by adults in the spring of the cowherd. Once they wanted to call the world, but who would listen and who would know their existence? It was not until a man in a baseball cap appeared that the children knew that the little heart also needed love, gentleness and tolerance; sun Lingfeng, like Matthew, chose to “redeem”. In the gray morning, he took the children to find the way to the rainbow and opened the curtain of hope.

This is the fifth part of Tencent sports “to be continued”. We have been focusing on the story of sun Lingfeng and baseball “orphans” for two years. At the end of 2019, they moved again.

In early April 2019, sun Lingfeng said to Tencent sports at the end of the interview.

Later, due to the torn interests, the Shanghai base became yellow. It wasn’t until December that sun Lingfeng finally moved the base from seven families in South Changping to the old warehouse in Tongzhou.

He has been a love baseball player for more than four years. The former captain of the Chinese baseball team has not been idle for a day. He keeps looking for the ground, money and “orphan”. He thinks that he is an iron player, but he is overdrawn. After all, the disease still finds him.

One day in the middle of April, sun Lingfeng was rushed to the hospital and made four heart stents. “Five minutes later, my life will be gone.”. At best or not, he survived. But the next day after he left the hospital, he didn’t listen to the doctor’s order to “have a good rest”, so he went to the child’s home for maintenance.

What happened to sun Lingfeng and his baseball orphans this year? In early January 2020, Tencent sports came to sun Lingfeng’s love baseball base again.