How to evaluate the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 world championship?

As the second largest sport in the United States, the abbreviation of the highest level professional baseball league is MLB (major league basketball), which is equivalent to NBA to professional basketball. Baseball as an outdoor sport, MLB season starts in spring every year and lasts until the end of October. In the last week of October, the final battle between the champions and the runners up was called the world series. Like the NBA, the final showdown is not one game, but the sum of the results of several games. There are seven competitions in the world series, lasting for 9-10 days. The final winner is the World Series Champions.

When I first knew the name, as an innocent melon eater, my first reaction was: WTF?! Why is your game in North America (because one of the MLB teams is from Canada) called a world series? Do you want such a thick skin! Adhering to the spirit of breaking the casserole to the end, I checked the origin of the name. The textual research on the Internet is so recorded: in 1884, shortly after its birth (now it is generally believed that the official birth time of MLB is April 22, 1876), the unpopular MLB only modestly claimed that it had elected the “champion of the United States”. But at that time, a very influential sports weekly, sports life, made a lot of hype about that year’s champion, Providence grays, as “champions of the world”.

Over the next decade or so, the word “world’s championship” was occasionally seen in publications. In the early twentieth century, the name world’s championship series, or world’s series for short, was used more and more. Until the 1930s, world series officially became the conventional title for MLB finals.