How many soldiers are there!

Under normal circumstances, we play a big four small, the lineup now we should pay attention to Gordon has played from the guard position to the front line, last season Gordon was playing back three guards and three front belts, playing Gordon is in the guard position, Gordon has reached the risk in this season. The lack of Fengxian’s position has become an important problem. Now we can only use songs and songs. Gordon is going to play the main role. So, er, now, chest, after coming here, can we fight the Rockets back to the original lineup? It’s hard to say.

If it is, we can’t return to the original lineup, or in other words, there is not enough playing time to take up the main starting position. For example, wood, this deal is just to balance Wright’s deal, and it does not play a decisive role. Ah, we should have a look. We should go and have a look. Then the Rockets say No.1 and No.2 positions to us. Paul and harden, now little rivers entrusted with a heavy responsibility in the playoffs are likely to get a certain playing time, ah, time is not much, maybe seven or eight minutes ten minutes like this, then in Fengxian this position can basically determine that these are just a few people, Tucker home, Gordon is the theme of the iron fight. Greenplus, fario’s, this is able to rotate in position three, we said that 2345 is actually one position

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