He learned by himself and drew a stream. The expert said frankly: Master level

In this article, we will introduce a Brazilian painter named Jorge Maciel George McGill. Jorge Maciel was not trained in a professional art school. In other words, his paintings were all self-taught. Jorge Maciel grew up in rural Brazil, and he loved his hometown since he was a child. Because the industrialization of the countryside is not so developed, many original resources and natural scenery have been preserved. Green mountains and rivers, flowers and weeds are all so beautiful. Jorge Maciel’s dream is to record the beautiful scenery of his hometown with a brush. The idea became more intense when he arrived in the big city. Because the high-rise buildings and traffic in the big cities make people’s life more convenient, but compared with their hometown, the big cities with bright lights are less quiet and elegant.

In order to let more people know the beauty of his hometown, Jorge Maciel picked up his brush and began to create.

The creation of oil painting has a high demand for color, and the most beautiful scenery in Jorge Maciel’s hometown is also the moving color. So color matching is the first skill Jorge Maciel needs to learn and master. In addition, oil painting on the level of landscape requirements are also very strict. Jorge Maciel’s hometown, at a glance, is full of green mountains and rivers. From a single perspective, it will be full of many beautiful sceneries. Therefore, the structural design and hierarchical rendering of the painting also put forward high requirements. Jorge Maciel visited many oil painters in order to make his works more fully express the scenery of his hometown. In this way, after years of accumulation, Jorge Maciel’s first oil painting came out. You may refer to the figure below.