he answer is coming!

The big center of the Laker team, the middle is the young big center. At the end of this season, the end of the season, and the middle of the season, some netizens said, can such a good young player stay with the Lakers to trade and work. Like, I told you about this kind of player. In the case of the three giants in the Laker team, other players can match. It doesn’t matter. Moreover, these young players who play outside the contract period, play in the rookie year, bend the rookie contract, all want the big contract, and the Laker can’t afford it or can’t give it.

No, ah, that’s the most important thing. You can’t give these contracts. So it doesn’t make any sense for you to leave the wall. It doesn’t matter whether England or the mother are involved. One is that when ram finishes the 19-20 season, it’s also necessary for them to give the top star players. There is no room for them to give them. So, as we said before, Ingram is bound to finish this season. There is no doubt that if you want to leave the Laker team, there is no doubt that the Rockets are the fourth junior of the Lakers, that is, the last season of 18-19 seasons. It is right to tell us that it is impossible to be together. Pants? Hartbor, these three players are likely to stay in the team. England is out of the question. As we all said in previous programs, Ingram is the most valuable transaction. Therefore, it is imperative for the Lakers to make a deal in the summer. Ingram is also imperative. Leaving the Lakers as the main bargaining chip is the main core of the deal.

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